Day 282...Connections

It was a calm, clear night when I happily climbed into my sleeping bag last night. Hobo now has taken a fancy to sleeping curled up in the hood of my sleeping bag!! Really, cat, make yourself at home!! But the predicted weather this morning was exactly as forecast; wind and more heavy rain! Holy crap, the ground was drowning already! Today many creeks were over flowing and the paddocks had new lakes in them! Gone was yesterday's nice weather and the storms have returned. Thankfully, I hadn’t planned any major outdoor activities today as, mostly, I have faith in the forecasts. Rather, my plan today was to connect up with DOC. This was to be my time to learn about the Spit, what the Reserve is all about, and also to keep them in the loop about what I am attempting to do. After hearing about some of the many requests and stories they get, I truly understand the difficulties DOC must have in regard to Farewell Spit, especially trying to keep it as a prestige reserve. In fact, they have full and total respect from this humble kayaker.

After that, I was off to get some basic daily stuff done. No exciting adventures, just the general must do, mundane chores such as tumble-drying some gear and getting food, as well as going by the chemist and a health food shop. I did have to wander past a couple of craft stores and, rather reluctantly, put back the woollen gloves I had spotted, having convinced myself that I really didn’t need another pair! I have to tell you that every parcel I send back to my home address is opened and dissected. Some items are admired. As far as some of the other contents are concerned, even from many kilometres away, I can almost see the frowns and hear the comments: "Why on earth did you buy this?”. I then pop in to hear some stories from Granddad and tell him about Hobo’s new tricks. His latest is to clamber into Cuzzie when I’m not looking and to come for a ride along the farm tracks!! I suddenly remembered about him when I stopped to feed the chickens this morning, he very nearly ended up on the road trip with me today! 

The rest of my afternoon was spent chatting with the fishermen at the wharf. Nicky, who I initially met back down on Blyth Sounds, and also Jimi, who I had talks with via VHF. If anything, they are even more frustrated by this damn weather than I am, as all of them are waiting to get back out on the ocean as well. But, to be realistic, my journey is nothing compared with them trying to earn a living. By now, the sun was shining but a strong, cold wind was blowing, causing even this section of Golden Bay to be rough and white-capped. By this time, my stomach was also rumbling, so off I headed to sit in some shelter and eat my lunch while looking out to the ocean. Afterwards, as I drove along, my eye caught sight of a crazy chicken coop made from corrugated iron. Crazy it may have been, but very cleverly made and lots of fun (hence the picture below). They are for sale, by the way!

Somehow, the day has slipped away from me, what with my errands, meetings and the weather all over the place, so I headed back to my cottage. There have been so many positive things today, but also some not so positive things that I try hard to ignore. The weather window I had hoped for has disappeared and, by the look of tonight's new forecast, things are not looking too good. I can’t help but frown, sigh and continually push the replay button to watch the isobar charts. The rain is back with a vengeance and the gutters are overflowing. Maybe Mother Nature is pretending to cry for me!! Oh well, another mountain to scale and it seems like I’ll have to look for a job or two while I’m waiting.

Off to have dinner, feed the chickens, with Hobo to befriend, and always looking on the bright side (the whitebait season is looming).

My smiles today:
DOC thank you.
Stuck, trapped, brick walls.
Meeting up with people from earlier days.
A rainbow in Takaka.
The portable chicken coop!

My thoughts today: 
A quote from Steve Jobs:
“Sometime life hits you on the head with a brick. Don't lose faith."
How does Steve Jobs know about kayaking round New Zealand?

Goodnight from Red. Ma Te Wa.

Crazy chickens' house.

Crazy chickens' house.