Day 287...Cold Clear Night and Morning

It is beautifully clear as I walked to feed the chickens and let them out for their day of adventures in and around the gardens and the paddocks. None raced off anywhere in a hurry, they all stayed around eating every single grain of the food I had just given them. In the end I get bored with waiting for them to head off and maybe locate a nest, so I wander back to the cottage to make coffee and get my morning list of emails answered and then on with my day.

What about Hobo you may ask? Well he stayed in bed with Jason. Cats and warm beds, they do love them. Today was about showing off the locations I have discovered in Pohara Beach and Wainui Bay. We drove to get fresh raw milk, checkout the wonderful beaches on this side of the spit, and we walked along the length of the Pohara Beach, though the tides where too high for cockle gathering. But we did try really hard, even at the Pakawau Beach we stopped as well but nothing; we were way to early.

I talked about yesterday again, briefly asking for Jase's thoughts on my what if's and maybe's, and was told not to worry about them. It is over and the day has gone, there is no point in dwelling about things you can not change, all it does is make you sad. I was reminded to be happy, that I was on a beautiful beach on a stunning winters day, not stuck in an office and a job I may be hating. It all was very true. Thanks for a male look at life. It's refreshing.

As we walked on the beach a cold winter wind blew directly into my face reminding me why I was not on the water today. It probably was also Mother Nature's way of reminding me to enjoy this day, this amazing time. Foraging for cockles and pipis, paddling in the ice cold water and walking on cold sand.

Back in Cuzzie, we eat "Proper" parsnip crisps and drive back to the farm cottage to crank up the fire before nightfall. Tonight Granddad is home so Hobo has deserted us and the cottage for his real best friend. We are eating Mexican for dinner and discussing what tomorrow may gift us.

My smiles today:
A beautiful, sunny winter day.
Support crews wisdom.
Sharing my well walked beaches with Jase.
Listening to others' ways of life.
Chatting to Franki and Dave.
Wonderful emails of support. Thanks guys.

My thoughts today:
Wake up and live.

Enjoy your evening. Goodnight from Red and Jase. Ma Te Wa.

Revisiting beaches.

Revisiting beaches.