Day 319...Friendly, Familiar Faces

It was windy and cold as I slipped out of Cuzzie for an early morning walk from Five Mile Bay along the lakefront, until such time as it was an okay hour of the morning to be rattling about in Cuzzie, making coffee and eating breakfast. I did my push-up challenge on the beach and watched a few dog owners out and about, walking their dogs and throwing balls and sticks to them. It was later than I thought by the time I returned to Cuzzie, with face and lips numb from the ice-cold wind blowing across the lake. Martin was already up eating breakfast, his regular morning fare of fresh bread, sliced cheese and jam together with large amounts of milk.

We plan a walk around Lake Rotopounamu. It was a lovely walk, but we both still rate the northern tracks of Mt Egmont as our favourite. Then it was back into town for lunch, as well as buying some things with Martin for his camper-van so he can soon start on the road southwards to continue his solo adventures in New Zealand, leaving me behind with a new support person called Anna.

Afterwards we catch up with another friend, sharing stories and long-time-no-see banter with Andy. It was so wonderful to see him again! A little later we are joined by Anna and Jason and we all decide to meet up later to go to the Wairakei Terrace hot pools. All six of us, including Sue, lounging about in the pools until we are well-cooked and heated before heading back to Andy and Sue’s place for dinner, more chatting and then a warm bed for the night. How can I put into words how great it is to see familiar faces, to talk and listen to others’ quirky humour? It’s quite simply amazing! There have been people I have truly missed this past year, and this man is one of them. Thanks for so much, Andy, and a big thanks to Sue too.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending my last day by the lake, enjoying myself before hitting the road back to the West Coast. I have managed to rest a little, but now it’s time to weather-watch and to get ready for some more salt water and waves.

My smiles today:
Wairakei hot pools.
My face so cold, it was numb!
Friendly, familiar faces.

Goodnight from the Redz NZ Team. Ma Te Wa.

Wairakei Thermal Pools.

Wairakei Thermal Pools.