DAY 337...Early Morning Walks

Tuesday 27th September 2016

Awake and checking the updated weather at 5am! As we are only a 40-minute drive to the beach, I’m always a little hopeful on the marginal days, but today was not quite a “go for it” day, although it is getting better. As I was already awake, I got up, dressed and headed out for a walk just on 6am, passing others out on their early morning exercise regime. The morning was cool and calm as I walked through Hawera Park, startling all the local ducks and then continued towards the water tower in the centre of town.

That was a good start to my morning, getting out and about and enjoying the sunrise. I returned to Cuzzie, grabbed all the ingredients to make my famous brownies and started heading to the kitchen to get them underway. But, just as I was leaving to go to the kitchen, a pet rabbit bounced past Cuzzie. He looked huge, like his breed was a Flemish Giant. I was tempted to wake Anna because she would have found him "so cute”. I was more than happy with the delicious aroma of chocolate brownies being baked pre 8am. In fact, not only was the smell incredibly good, but so was licking the leftover mixture off the spoon!

Once Anna was awake, we got organised and were soon on our way, but not before surprising Mister Rabbit lazing under a tree. Anna was impressed, he was far more loveable than the damn cats (she really is scared of them!). We manage to locate the free wi-fi with both power and space to do some more online stuff. I love the local libraries, some days wishing I had a PR person. That would make my head and brain feel so much lighter. Once these tasks had been completed, I had to do a final drive past and beach check of all the checkpoints on the next paddle leg. It was looking a lot better, the skies were getting lighter and the rolling swell not nearly as big, with less numerous white caps than of late. Ohawe looked great, Waihi looked good, Patea looked okay but we are still waiting for the wind to drop at Waipipi. Then, we will hit the road and finally, the water, for a much-needed ocean paddle.

Bacon and avocado sandwiches for lunch (mine minus the bread!), followed by warm chocolate brownies and then we were on the road to our destination. We spent the afternoon checking and re-packing some gear I had been wanting to rearrange and also making sure that everything is still fully charged and in working order. Sod’s Law always seems to dictate that the day you want to use something, invariably you go and find that salt water has caused an issue or two with your equipment.

Then it was back to sit on a hill, watching the waves and asking the wind and the swell to take a chill pill. I’ll be happy to crawl into my sleeping bag tonight, happy to rest, perchance not to dream! It’s a calm, quiet evening in our world, with time spent talking to Anna about places to go and visit, people to go and see and all the “must do’s” in the South Island when she heads there in the summertime. There’s a one pot wonder for us tonight, followed by hot chocolate and who knows, perhaps I’ll share some more of my brownies. I hope your Tuesday has been fab. Mine, well, I have had many things to smile about today.

My smiles today:
Walking and jogging in a beautiful park.
Numerous trees in blossom.
A cute pet rabbit.
The ocean, the waves and the coast.
A wonderful, calming phone call.
The aroma of freshly-baked brownies.

My thoughts today:
Over thinking can destroy your mood, so breathe and let go!

From the Redz NZ Team, Goodnight. 

Ma Te Wa.


Red and Anna on the giant swing in Patea.

Red and Anna on the giant swing in Patea.

Mr. Rabbit, so cute!

Mr. Rabbit, so cute!