Andy Warner

SEPT 2015 ...

So the days keep speeding by, yes the training and paddling is going well, I am sure it will not every be enough. I am practicing a lot my eskimo rolling with a pool session and also the ocen .. along with every time I come in after a day on the water, I roll at the finish, doing a couple of 360 rolls in so that it becomes second nature.

I was in Hamilton on Sunday 20th September and did the Cambridge to Hamilton paddle with many others, cold wet, thunder and hail.. fun crowd and brilliant event. Thankyou to Andy Warner , Kim White & Todd Stoddard for the entertainment on the river and setting the pace.

Sort of looking forward to some warmer weather and to paddle with warmer hands, but am sure I will be asking for rain along this journey.

I pickup my campervan" Cuzzie" on Friday and she will be mine and the support crews home for the next 6 months really soon.

Pics of Cuzzie and us getting ready coming soon.