NICE... to be out on the water

This week has started out well, after a scheduled/enforced week off training, I am back to my routine, but it is more what I would call maintenance .. lighter weight sessions, less distance when I am paddling, just turning the arms over and enjoying my time on the water, it gives me time to think, plan, and mull over the endless list we are working through for packing of the support vehicle, also making sure the tracking system we have is working, the cameras and the gear we have placed on and in the kayak are secure, that they work and trying to foresee problems and improve systems.

But it is a work in motion, and everything will become more routine as we hit the coast/road..

A lot of generous supporters with great product, giving us their time and knowledge, we can not say THANK YOU enough each day to them all.

The momentum is growing.. THANK YOU..

The team are gathering tonight.. it is a night of questions, what if scenarios and their concerns, solving last minute hiccups that have or could occur.. and discussing we all know this is something that is going to change hourly/ daily.. is weather dependent and my energy levels will change.

Point Chevalier Beach 14 October 2015

Point Chevalier Beach 14 October 2015