Day 5... Waikawau Bay- Opito Bay - Hahei

The day started well up at 5am and on the water before 7am.  Calm, peaceful and stunning coastline along the way.  As I had planned for and hoped for a good few kms today, I went on a direct route and at one stage thought I felt closer to the Mercury Islands than I did to the Coromandel coastline!  Lots of memories today of time with the Blackwells at Kuotuna and the scallop diving at the Mercury Islands, also diving at Opito Bay...

It was just on 11.30am when I arrived at Opito Bay,  time for warming in the sun, some lunch and then discussing the crossing to Hahei.

The support team nearly had the same amount of driving to do as I did paddling. 

As per normal it was a little like a washing machine out there, wind against the tide and swell going across me.  Lots of entertainment as there where at least 3 boil ups and typical, I had no line with me to fish with.  So I just kept the paddle ticking over and enjoyed the time with the wind and water in my face.

Yes it was a longer day for me but a very fulfilling day as I was keen to be in Hahei for the night.  It has been my Summer Holiday patch for the past 18 + years, so heaps of great memories..

Support team: Nat and Jase on the beach and also some members from BASK.  It was so nice, as always, to see smiling faces and to tick off the day.  For once the Hahei Beach was kind and it was an easy landing.  Many times this beach has caught me out with random waves, the creek end seems the safest.

Yippee a hot shower!  Support team to cook me dinner and time to sit in the sun.  THEN to watch the rugby game... as can not imagine anyone in the campsite will be a sleep so I will join in the supporting spirit.

Thanks all for following..  it is fantastic..


Mike towing my kayak as the rest of the BASK contingent talk to me about my journey

Mike towing my kayak as the rest of the BASK contingent talk to me about my journey