Day 6... Go All Blacks!

Up bright and early at 4 am...BUT not to paddle, we joined others in the campground TV room to watch the Rugby World Cup action.  Front row couch seats and a flask of offee made using our ROK coffee machine, the best!  Brilliant result as you all will know.

Then breakie, wet paddling gear on, more coffee and then down to the beach to head off, aiming just for Pauanui beach today.

Great timing as I hit the water and set off the members from BASK where paddling through as well so spent time chatting to them as they paddled through the small caves etc.... Then it was time to say good bye and get into the day.  The first hour was good and then found a strong current that made me paddle hard.   For the next hour plus I was feeling like I was going sideways like a crab.  Oh well can't have everything great all the time.

Found some cool cliffs caves and rocks and swells to play in for a little while which takes my mind off the task when it gets a little mind numbing.  Always fun to be paddling the STAR into the head wind, crazy but this little kayak likes head winds and yes there was winds today near the headlands, and a small chop too.

Meet the team on the far end of Pauanui, waving their pink sharkskin tops about to get my attention.  Back to a house today to stay, thanks to Margaret-Ann and Rob for their place.  Too much of these comforts and I will not leave.

The rest of the day we lay in the warm sun and enjoyed this shooter day ..

Tomorrow a little different back to bigger distances .


Waipapa Island on the left

Waipapa Island on the left