Day's flippin' cold

5am on the water.  Stunning sunrise.  Bloody cold start!  Support team needed a rest and a warm up after my launch.  Paddled on smooth calm sea all the way to a calm tranquil beach landing at Whangamata . 

Coffee, sunshine and a rest after a 25 km paddle.  Chat to some other campervan owners then back to the water for a trip to Waihi beach.  Beautiful coastline, lots of caves and fun areas to paddle.  Will come back again for sure. 

Met by a great school friend on their boat to escort me into the beach, thanks Jackie Wenham and Lockie, so nice to see your smiling faces. 

Coffee, a drive around and sight seeing, what an amazing afternoon.

Thanks again to all


8 degrees, 5am.  Sunrise better be worth it!

8 degrees, 5am.  Sunrise better be worth it!