DAY 17...WINDY & STORMY, no paddling today

The weatherman was totally correct and the storm, rain and wind arrived by midnight last night.  Day one of an enforced rest!  Finally a day off the water.  I stayed in my warm sleeping bag until 6.00am!  Then as we have internet actually read some news, had a coffee or two, generally annoyed Nat until she also had to wake up.  Sorry to the support crew as my sleep ins and theirs are a little different.

By 8.30am we were off to Gisborne to do a shop and replenish the cupboards, get new windscreen wipers and fill up with fuel.  While on the drive we looked at the stop and checkin points for the next part of my journey, but that is not going to be tomorrow as the weather and winds get stronger according to all the reports we can see.

Crazy but true, it seemed weird jumping in Cuzzie and driving somewhere as it has been three weeks since I had been anywhere by road.  I was being a bit of a Nana about Nat's speed on the roads.  Oh dear, I must be getting old...

Talking about old, we have been using a evening facial oil from L'oreal & Nat, who is keen to try anything once, placed some on her face and then screeched, "OMG I smell like an old lady!!!"  Thanks Nat I actually liked the facial oil smell, so it is official, I am the old lady on the trip!!  But apart from the smell the Old Lady Oil (Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil Face) passed the test as she then raved about how good her skin felt (so soft).

Anyway back to our day.  Once the chores had been done and there was no paddling we spotted the Bendon shop, ah yep, we where not disappointed and we left the shop with a bag or two!  Ha rather funny as I am only ever in my paddling gear or my casual Sharkskin gear and leggings in the evenings.  Anyway it was fun, and entertaining for sure.

Back to Tolaga Bay campsite to meet Mark Peters from the Gisborne Herald to chat and tell them my story and about this journey.  It is a small world and he knew a number of people that I also knew (2 degrees of separation, or something like that, I think they say).  Great to chat and also to keep spreading the word.

The campervan is also a great marketing tool as today we were filling up with diesel and the guys back from East Cape who where fixing the bridge pulled up and asked all about my trip down over the past few days.  So cool meeting everyone along the way!

After the reporting team had left we headed to the kitchen to make up supplies of my food for the kayak days.  Chocolate brownie (Redz recipe) and healthy truffles!  We talked to other campers and drank coffee and hid from the cold and blustery wind.

And then if anyone knows me...I had to go and do something energetic for the day!  On went the running gear and then layers of warm clothing and we hit the beach for a very blustery and sand blasted walk.  After that we lined up for some sprints on the beach.  Nat is a bloody speed demon and needs to start after me so her long legs catch up with me at the end.  I think we did 12 sprints all up.  Wind and sand blasted we headed to the end of the Tolaga Bay wharf where we talked with a couple of guys throwing over cray pots from the wharf, got caught in a hail storm, and generally laughed at the entire craziness of us both.

Simon Walker, I must say a big thank you for the suggestion of my support crew, she is amazing!  Yep we will argue one day I am sure, but we will always be great friends.

There is a change out of crew on Saturday for a week while Nat returns to Auckland.  I have promised to be on my best behaviour while she is away.

Back to the site for dinner, me working my magic on the BBQ and the Pak'n'Save food rocking big time for us both.  Venison sausages (gluten free), bbq crispy potato slices, and a hash combo of roast carrots, parsnips, onions and cauliflower topped with a tomato sauce creation.  Good thing there were no surprise visitors as there is nothing left, we were both hungry!

Well that is all from me, storm is intensifying and we are tucked up in campervan Cussie for the night.  Thanks everyone for following, please share my story with as many people you know.  We will keep posting so follow us on Instagram as we are very active on there as well and also like and follow on Facebook.

Night Night,

Sprint training on the beach

Sprint training on the beach

Nat & Red, laughing like loons in the hail at the end of Tolaga Bay Wharf

Nat & Red, laughing like loons in the hail at the end of Tolaga Bay Wharf