DAY 18...Another Windy Day

We knew last night there was no chance of attempting to paddle today and the weather man was spot on.  Intense gales, more heavy rain and a very cold night.  We even had the heater on in Cuzzie last night before bed!

Up and doing stuff at bout 6ish, I am always hopeful the weather may have gone past faster than had been predicted.  I checked the three forecast apps we have and all said a big negative to any paddling.  Wind and gusts worse than yesterday.  Oh well we had things to do and have kept ourselves entertained.

Coffee brekkie and then we got our running clothes on!  Off we went for an off-road track/coastal run to Captain Cooks lookout and a couple of bays over the other side of Tolaga Bay.  Long legged Nat was setting the pace.  Once we were out and doing it we had a fun couple of hours climbing hills, rock hopping and taking crazy images.

Back for hot showers, more coffee and to get washing and food done.  I talked to some media and generally got a lot sorted and ready for a possible paddle day tomorrow.  Nat has been editing video footage and I have been talking with a couple of people

By the way, thanks for all the likes on Redz NZ Journey Facebook page!  We are now into 300+ likes.  This feels awesome but we are aiming for a like per kilometre travelled, so keep sharing and keep getting us those likes.

We have at last got some sunshine in the sky and things are warming up, but there are dark clouds everywhere and I think it will rain again really soon.  Camp cat has now found new friends, she even comes into the campervan to say hello, we are sure we could smuggle her out as a mascot.  I'm not sure if we have room for her as well, maybe she could just sit in my deck bag and come for a paddle each day...I doubt it!

Other campers have arrived and are setting up for the night, it is always entertainment for us as we watch the antics and manoeuvres and the domestic arguments.  Dinner is on and I am on cooking duty, it is very much a relaxed day for me and cooking is part of my wind down habits.  As is doing the dishes and general campervan stuff.

Lets hope for a good day tomorrow, I will be on the water and I will get a few kms under my belt.  The distance is really dependant on how strong the swell is and also the wind.  I am hoping to get to Gisborne, BUT there are doubts.  We will see what the new day brings.  New support team member arriving in the morning, he is flying into Gisborne and Nat will pick him up once I have departed.

The camp cat has just delivered us a dead bird!  Presents for us now, however we declined the offer of this for dinner and kindly let the cat devour the bird.

I have to say that Nat has found such a pearl of a video, she is so so wrapped with this footage of me.  Well lets just say, it ain't a glamour event or a Miss Universe competition, but REALLY Nat?!  This footage is pretty raw and rough and I am cringing already but you all want to see me out there so watch, laugh and enjoy.  At least I am using sunscreen and lots by the look!!!


Hole in the rock at Cooks Cove

Hole in the rock at Cooks Cove