DAY 20...Tatapouri to Pukenui Beach.. Phew

The next time I promise myself a short day.. I am not going to believe the lies I spin myself to get on the water.

I knew it was going to be a possible big one as the weather is turning into a glorious headwind tomorrow and so off I went.  The first 10km was good, then across to Nicks head.  In my world this was tough going today but at last across and, guess what, no VHF as I was on the back end of the Nicks Head, and no cellphone coverage.  Eventually we made contact, yippee for SPARK, they won today with coverage.

Well I turned at first to call it a day, paddled 2.5km and realised this is a no go, I would have to turn and go further down the coast with a big wind and swell with me, for 26km.  I knew there was not going to be any spots to meet the crew, so inside I made a promise to myself that if i kicked this over then I would be having a day off on Monday.

Fed myself and drank coffee in a sheltered nook, mentally preparing myself for the next long slog.  The swell lifted me high and the wind gusts got me so lots of low paddling and lots of bracing.  Even when you think you are in smooth water back comes the wind.  The coast line is remote and isolated with many steep rock faces, you always know that there is no chance to land when you do not even see a house up on the cliffs.

How do I deal with this long paddle?  Well I break things into small sections, 10km chunks, then a rest and then tell myself you are halfway now and you are counting down after that.  It seems to work for me most of the time, easily tracked as my Garmin vibrates on my wrist at every km paddled.

As I got further down the coastline I talked with the land crew and am told that my beach landing is going to be rather knarly, I am so happy, NOT!  Anyway what will be will be.  Off shore wind and BIG Swell...all I can say about this landing is that my kayak and I got to the beach at different times.  I swam the last 200m in, or lets say surfed with the massive breakers.

Cold and wet but all safe and accounted for.  We will rinse my wonderful Red kayak well tomorrow, first thing was to dry out and warm up.  I am taking a break because I can and because you know what, I am on my summer holiday and I want to see the coastline by road for a little tomorrow and scope out landing points and road access.

I am glad today is over, I am glad of all that looked out for me on this long, windy, eventful day.  As always hot food ready thanks to the amazing team I have.

Sorry for the late blog, just lots to do and lots to clean.


Looking out over Young Nick's Head

Looking out over Young Nick's Head

Mahia Peninsula

Mahia Peninsula