DAY 21...Resting at Mahia Campsite

Today started off with a laugh, in the early hours of the morning when I forgot I was attempting to sleep on the sofa seats at the back of the campervan (previously I have been sleeping on the reclining passage seat of the campervan, I find this way more comfortable) and I rolled over and promptly feel on the floor!  Poor Reg got a rather an unexpected wakeup.

We woke to heavy rain on the roof so we lay there listening, got up slowly and chatted for awhile about the day before. We then got out to get the gear cleaning underway and removing excess sand and salt water from everything that the rain had not managed to clean away.  Then we headed off for a reccy of the Mahia Peninsula; how it all looked and where the best checkpoints would be.  It rained most of the day, there was a lot of mist and low cloud about where we are so we spent it planning and looking at the upcoming weather hoping that the wind and swells will be kind to us and enable me to get to Napier by Saturday.  We may just have to wait and see.

Tomorrow is about sight seeing around this gorgeous peninsula, and not racing from one point to another, that will come again soon enough.  We have been told that there is great Paua at one location and I tried to get the okay from the support team to let me go for a snorkel out at the point and grab some paua on my way around.  They are not too keen, as I am solo, but will see how I get on when I get to the location.  If it is low tide, well, maybe.  Will keep you updated.

We also went to the hot springs tonight in Morere.  It is in a great location and I recommend the walk to the springs, a very tranquil piece of bush.  We soaked for awhile and then my stomach was demanding dinner so we headed back for a cook up.

Yep my favourite food at the moment is barbecued steak with fried eggs.  Tonight we had another yummy feast, crispy pan cooked potatoes with onions and bacon, topped with wilted spinach and a couple of barbecued mushrooms.  Yes, there is plenty left for my breakfast.

We watched the sunset go down tonight, the sky is clearing.  Ha but have left the campervan doors open for too long and we have a mass of mosquitos to dispose of before bed!  Reg is on a mission as I type this blog, oh dear the noise of a mosquito in your ear!

Well night night, more sea adventures tomorrow, heres hoping for calm and sunny day with a nice rolling light swell and maybe some dolphins or an orca fin.


Walk to the Morere Hot Springs

Walk to the Morere Hot Springs