DAY 28...NAPIER, regrouping day

Well today was about maintenance and regrouping.  I washed Cussie, got 2 new tyres and a wheel alignment.  I went for a stroll along the Napier water front and into the city, this city is special, I spent time working in Napier many, many years ago when I was a hairdressing apprentice.  The city has changed and is somewhere I could spend a lot more time.  It was warm, sunny and nice to be in shorts and a tee shirt.

We went shopping for food and other goods for the next leg of this trip and then went back to collect my camper van with the new front tyres.  We then headed to get raw milk from the farm down the road, such a cool vending machine, we seriously need one of these in Auckland.  Then we dropped the campervan at Westshore camping grounds, she is set it up for Nat's return, and then I headed back to Bridge Pa to help Mavis with dinner tonight, as Jesse and Robert were coming for dinner.  Steak, coleslaw and smashed potatoes with a home made pavlova for dessert, a cup of tea and ready for tomorrow.

Short paddle tomorrow with the gannets to go and visit, Napier to Clifton.  Will start to rake up the kilometres again over the next few days I am sure, but I have a couple of places to go and visits and see along this coastline.

Nat and I are back together in Cussie tomorrow...and the planning will be underway.  Wellington is on the horizon and can not believe that it is nearly the end of November and Christmas is coming.

Notes to self, remember to drink fluids (and report back to the nagging support crew) or they are going to blackmail me and start reporting back to the Auckland men.  Funny moment of the day, lying on the floor of the tyre workshop, under the campervan, helping to hook back up the spare tyre as they where not sure how it all worked!  Red, in her shorts, tee shirt and jandals on the workshop floor!

Cool moments, spending time with cool younger people and listening to their antics, stories and their outlook on life.  Jesse & Robert, you two are nut-bars!  Be careful, have lots of fun & remember to stay safe, play nicely with those young girls and try not to break too many hearts along the way.

I am rested, regrouped and looking forward to a 3 knot tail wind, sunshine and Clifton.

Night night,

Red departing Napier for Clifton

Red departing Napier for Clifton