DAY 29...Short and Sweet

This morning felt like it had arrived too soon. I LOVE Napier and wished deep inside that today really did not arrive, but it has and the weather is calm, warm and the sun is rising.  I will very soon be hooked back up with Nat and our camper van.

We unloaded "Red Star" (my kayak) and got about my tasks of setting up and packing for this small paddle to Clifton.  I wanted to just ease back into the day and have a good catch-up with Nat and do planning in the afternoon.  It seems such a long time since Nat was on location with me, so to stop at lunch time and just enjoy the day was nice.

Sorry to all that thought I would be off around Cape Kidnappers and racing for another big day on the water, I was still dragging my feet and not wanting to leave this lovely place.  I am certainly going to return and stay, maybe for a summer session, maybe to pick fruit and enjoy this amazing town and location.

Today the weather was so, so kind to me.  Easy simple launch, calm waters with a small swell going my way and a little tail wind, paddling bliss really.  No one on the water at all the ocean was being so nice and I could see Cape Kidnappers far in the distance.  Many times I looked and felt like I should really be heading towards the point but I stuck to our original plan and at the 1.5 hour mark touched base with Nat.  Everything was a ok, and I was trucking along really well.

Today I had promised myself and all that I would drink more fluid, and I did.  No coffee before I launched, just herbal tea.  1.25 litres on the 3 hour paddle and then another large flask of herbal tea on arrival at Clifton.  So to the newly appointed H & S crew member, high five for the nagging, I drank all my fluids.

Once off the water it was hard for me not to feel a little guilty for this short day (I considered paddling round the point) but then I looked at the afternoon wind up ahead of us and decided to stay put.  I was not keen to do another 3 hours into a 15 to 17 knot head wind, tomorrow is calm and peaceful again, so a big day planned.

Lunch was consumed, no excuse there is so much food!  Someone had to help with the poor fridge and stop it from exploding every time we opened it as we are stocked to the roof top with food at the moment.  The next three days are planned, the locations and distances mapped out.  We had plenty of time to lie in the sun, catch up on the week we have been apart and generally re read emails and looked at the upcoming coastline/camping locations and road access.

We are hopeful to make Wellington by or before 5th/6th Dec, but please don't hold me to that!  Mother nature has a lot to do with the next stage.

Tom and Alice have joined us for this leg of the trip and Tom has managed to erect a hammock between the camper van and his car.  This could be the best place this evening for the sunset location.  They are day tripping while I paddle and catching up with us each night, hoping the weather stays fine and sunny.  No trip to the gannets as we got the tide timing wrong and the next low tide is late this evening.  Ahh, never mind, I am sure I will see a few gannets as I paddle the cape tomorrow.

Tonight is pre packing my food, making my thermos of tea and I plan to get on the water way early so I can see a sunrise and get along the coastline in the cool of the morning.  Big push tomorrow, looking like 50+ km, hoping to get to Waimarama.  Now my stomach is rumbling, so time for dinner and an early night. 

Please if you have time keep sharing this blog and keep following.  I love all of your feedback, it is totally amazing and keeps me going.  Also please let us know of any places or people we need to catchup with along the coastline and if we are heading your way, do come and say hello!


Nat, Tom, Red & Alice at Clifton Beach

Nat, Tom, Red & Alice at Clifton Beach