Day 12...Happy Day!

Today was always going to be a good one, as I woke before the alarm went off which is always a good sign that I have lots of energy.  You might all ask what time was that, alas to the support teams horror, 3.50am!  Yep cold and dark but was eating breakfast and drinking coffee as we headed back to the surf beach for my launch.  It was great to have both Nat & Jason here this morning, it makes for a very fast setup and launch.  I was on the water and paddling by 5.30am, the sunrise was amazing.  It always makes me smile and stop for a moment to breathe and today I said thank you to mother nature for the great day.

By 8.30am I was actually able to remove a couple of layers of clothing, for the first time on this trip I had got too warm!  I covered myself in sunblock and waved goodbye to the team who where on the shore sunbathing.  The swell was behind me when I set off from Hawai Beach to Omaio Bay.  It was such a brilliant day, (I can't stop talking about how good it was) the coastline is spectacular, and I am sure my video & images will not do it justice.  But trust me, I am coming back to this stunning, amazing, fantastic coastline.  New Zealand at its best!  This is what my dream has been about, these are the days that make the windy hard days fade away, BRILLIANT STUFF.

Omaio Bay, I arrived and looked for the team then realised that I was tracking way to fast and they would not be arriving for awhile.  I scoffed my chocolate brownie sat and rested for a few moments then sent the crew a message to say I was continuing with my paddling.  Soon after they touched base with me via VHF.  I am really pleased we have this option as mobile coverage has been mostly non existant today, so anyone watching sorry my tracker would have lost me often, no need to panic.

Around 1pm I headed to the final check in point.  The water was so clear, the sea deep green and blue.  At Omaio Bay I decided that we should push past Te Kaha to School Bay.  I ended up shooting past the finish point... I thought they said past the point and to the trees but APPARENTLY I was meant to stop at Te Kaha Bay, where the crew where eating large east cape burgers and fries while waving their pink tops at me to stop!   Oops, no real stress as they ate there burgers and raced to the other bay where we meet at the same time.

I was covered in sea water, salt, sunscreen and a huge smile.  That is the first time in the past two days.  I am sure I got the location right, but it is two crew against one paddler so I have lost that discussion!

Now we are planning how to get around to Hicks Bay.  Tomorrow is going to be a short paddle to Cape Runaway, then on the beach and planning.  Monday is Cape Runaway to Hicks Bay.

The support team I am sure have stories for you and are going to add to this blog.  Yes there have been some tense moments and calls especially when I have wanted to get away from the headwinds and storms.  Yes I have some blisters on my hands, but today...nothing is a problem!  It has been brilliant, so brilliant I am going to go to bed with a smile.  I even went looking for a cold cider today, but no luck had to have a LION RED Shandy instead!!  The barman wanted Nat to start drinking tequila with him,  yep at 4.00pm.  She did decline but I can see if she disappears it will be around this coastline for sure.

Food today, lots of it and often.  Coconut oil, honey, taini and seeds all working well for me.  Eating a big meal similar to my dinner is working as my breakfast option with salt and magnesium as my only real supplement.  Tomorrow I have promised myself some Eskimo rolling at the end of the short paddle.  Time to swim and just plan.


Red all salty and happy after her paddle

Red all salty and happy after her paddle

Stunning Bay of Plenty

Stunning Bay of Plenty