Day 13...Support Crew taking over

Red has informed me that its high time the support crew tell the world what it is like to spend a day with her, so here goes...

Woken up at 4am because there are alarms set on all of Red's devices that I cannot seem to find and delete.  Back to sleep for another hour till 5am when we actually needed to get up.  I managed another ten mins while Red went to shower and get dressed, then put some water on to boil so her coffee (short black sweetened with honey) would be ready upon her return.  Fished some leftovers out of the fridge for her and went about packing up Cussie.

Short drive down to the water, unloaded the kayak from the roof of the camper and loaded her up for the day.  Short paddle expected today so no over night gear, just an emergency grab bag, the days provisions, electronics and spares.  I had Jason with me still this morning so while he pushed Red out to sea I took a couple of pictures.

After Red has gone out for the day I check over Cussie again and make sure we have everything.  This morning I had a look at our food supplies and found a rotten potato, dinner tonight will be bleak...jokes, we have lots of other tasty things!  Time to hit the road!  Sun is up now and it is so beautiful, I think I am very lucky to be out and about and enjoying the world with no one to spoil it!  Pulled over when cell reception hit and replied to a few emails and sent out the mornings instagram shot (follow us!  Had a play with Yacht Bot but Red still hadn't reached signal, so off to the first meeting point.

Papatea, side of the road.  Beach is across some fenced land so decide to stay put.  Switch on the VHF and wait.  Skype some friends in the UK, eat some breakfast, wait some more.  When Red reaches the checkpoint the VHF crackles into life and she lets me know that she is happy, and tracking along nicely, and will see me at the pull out point.

I drive off, stereo blasting, these lonely hours on the road are great for my singing practice.  Absorbed in some poppy number, I see a sign for Hicks Bay and realise I may have gone a bit too far.  I turn around and head back, find the campsite and check in, then off to the beach to wait for Red.  Have a book (today, The Children Act by Ian McEwan), my tanning oil, binoculars and the VHF radio.  Can't really complain about today's office.  More sitting and waiting.

Red eventually comes into view, seems we had different marker points for the days final meeting point.  Head to tonights campsite, back up the road a bit at Waihau Bay.  Red has an old friend visiting, the lovely Gordie, so I make coffee and we all hang out on the grass in the sun.  Later on we do some forward planning, measuring distances and looking at where we can pull her off the water if the weather is no good, and where good spots for VHF check ins are.

Showers, cook dinner, prep some food, pack up.  A final check of the weather and we will be off to sleep!


View from the office.  She's a hard life, this support crew thing.

View from the office.  She's a hard life, this support crew thing.