DAY 51...Te Humenga Point

We were parked in a dusty, off road car park, waiting on the sun to rise and bring us another day of paddling.  As we stirred pre sunrise Cuzzie was being buffered about and we were half expecting it, as why oh why would we get three days in a row of paddling and actually get to Wellington when we hoped?  I tucked my sleeping bag around me and enjoyed being warm and toasty away from the elements for a bit longer.  By 7.30am we both were chatting, saying that I will have to harden up on the calm sunny days, paddle from sunrise till sunset and stop slacking and just working on the tan!  Humour is always good, we said, you know what, lets just have coffee.  A brilliant brew was made with our ROK machine, we checked the weather and went, stuff this, lets go find a campsite for some recharging and water filling, no point sitting here tormenting ourselves as the big waves crashed onto the black, steep beach.

Camping ground was located and we plugged in.  Between rain falls we set about removing everything out of the back of Cuzzie so we could clean and sweep the thick layer of dust from everything.  The doors, windows, plastic containers, the floor, the sliding doors, the was a good feeling to get things a little more clean and tidy.  The OCD side of both of us was out of control, or maybe it was the coffee on empty stomachs!

I then talked with John Peachey (Radio Rhema) about my journey, if anyone is interested it will be played on air tomorrow, sometime between 10.00am and 1.00pm.  A link will be provided to listen afterwards.  (check It felt great to be talking about the actual motivation and reasons, about my dream, about the journey so far, about the charity MHFNZ and the physical and mental strength we all have needed and develop through our life exposures.  Where I find that strength sometimes I just do not know, so when I find out the answer I will surely share, but it does elude me as well some days.

I was calmer today about the turned weather, it is not as frustrating as last week.  I am a little behind my targets at the moment but I am still going and that is what it is about. 

Lunch today after cleaning was soup, now this meal has been nicked named 'Soup from Nothing'.   Last night we were having a conversation about what you could do with the left over water once you have finished boiling your kumera and broccoli in it.  Yes, I know, not a normal after dinner conversation, but Nat and I are both into making the most out of every available item of food we have and saving and conserving on leftovers/water and not wasting anything.  So it became a challenge to try and turn this water into a warming soup/broth!

Oh my goodness the chefs reading this are going to now cringe, Girl Grylls and her sidekick brainstormed and it was for me to be the taste test dummy.  You know what it was a damn winner as it was warming, nutritious and actually, no kidding, yummy.  It will be a warming broth recreated on this journey and that is being truthful, waste not, want not has a new meaning!  You will all be after the recipe so here goes...
Boil kumera for your dinner, remove from water.  Use same water to boil broccoli.  Remove broccoli and retain water.  As you eat your delicious dinner of mashed kukmera, broccoli and chicken, chuck your chicken bones in the pot full of cooking water.  When finished eating, chop up an onion, add it to the pot and return to the boil.  Reduce to half, add salt, pepper and olive oil, and feed to your nearest adventurer.  

After lunch and cleaning we were feeling a little in need for some fresh air so went to look around at the beach.  Going walking helps us to discuss ideas and options for upcoming days and it is always good to get out of a confined space, it can be a little cramped in Cuzzie sometimes.  We headed to the Lake and also the wild beach.  Along the lake edge we walked and then onto a very blustery and bleak beach.  Crazy but true I had imagined this to be different to its reality.

I was also laughing at Nats comment as we walked, she reckoned on her return after Christmas she was going to bring back track pants.  It is the 16th of December and it is bloody freezing!  I have on woolen leggings still, three top layers as well as a wind proof thick Sharkskin jacket and my head scarf on, with the hoodie pulled up.  I told Nat before we started that we where going on summer holidays!  Yesterday it was sweltering and tonight we have the heater on in Cuzzie and I am on my second mug of hot peppermint tea since dinner.

My thought for today: I am a born and bred Kiwi and I am shocked and horrified at how badly I pronounce the Maori names as we are travelling through.   A mental note to learn more as we travel, any hints or guidelines please share.

My Likes for today:
Chatting to Andy Warner (or as he is known in the Redz NZ Team, Master Warner).  I have to say the HUGEST thank you to Andy and his STAR kayak making skills.  He turned around a new kayak for me within days, all wrapped red and called T2.  I so like this little design, I am in luv with her, the company and the brand.
My homemade Mince and Bacon Rissoles, and the "Soup from Nothing"
Being actually content today with what mother nature has given me weather wise.  We have a new team motto, I am going to suffer the most, but Red you ain't coming off the water on a sunny day till the sun is setting, so!!! suck it up!  Yes, that makes me happy.
Our brilliant Christmas ideas for pictures to be taken, and that is going to be a fun day.
Rain on the roof, we now we sit in the warmth of Cuzzie listening to heavy rain on the roof, actually I like this ALOT. 
Your amazing, warm and wonderful comments on our blogs and our Facebook pages.

Ciao for now

Wet, windy, waves.  Palliser Bay

Wet, windy, waves.  Palliser Bay