DAY 52...And more of the same

In the early hours of the morning we hoped for a window to paddle, to at least get across Palliser Bay.  Sadly, it was never going to happen.  There was a small window of calm but not enough to even get 7km before a big gusting Southerly kicked in.  Instead we packed up Cuzzie and headed to climb the 249 stairs up to Cape Palliser lighthouse.  It was windy and that strong southerly was blowing.   As we took photos and looked out the next point seemed to be so close, it was tormenting me.

After that we headed off back down the winding road, past seals sleeping on the grass and the many rocks, looking just like large rocks all over the place.  We were even up too early for them to be out frolicking in the ocean, they were still in sleep mode.  The coastal road was extremely quiet and so were both Nat and I.  This starting and stopping of paddling is getting to be a little bit much.  We had plans to go and walk a track or two and generally remove ourselves from the blustery carpark and looking out at the windy, blustery ocean.

Along the way dear Cuzzie decided that she needed to have some attention and started flashing an engine light.  Into two mechanics to ask if they knew what this meant and they kindly directed us to an auto electricians in Masterton!  We were heading back along roads we have travelled a lot.  We got Cuzzie seen, there is a small part needed and she will be fixed tomorrow.  Cuzzie is still driveable but we needed this seen before we go further south and Christmas Holidays arrive.  It took a little time to have diagnosed but we are extremely thankful they could even see us today.  We then headed to top up food supplies, booked tickets for the support crew change over for next week, Nat is heading back to Auckland for Christmas and then over to Melbourne to work with a team on the fireworks display for the Melbourne New Years show in the city.

At the supermarket we got food for lunch, there is something really cool about grabbing food from the supermarket and then just placing it in your camper van cupboards, then we sat in the carpark and ate!  Food shopping always seems to make me hungry and why move when you have everything you need right in front of you.

We headed off out of town to get Nat her favourite fruit ice cream and grab fresh produce on the way to a different location to camp tonight.  While we need to be back in Masterton in the morning we thought we could at least stop and visit another camping spot, so Greytown it was.  It is a pretty cool little campsite, there are maybe three others parked for the night, friendly people and everything we needed.  More importantly no waves or water to torture us!  No chance of me forgetting though as my weather app on my phone has a habit of nagging me all day about that.

I can promise we will not be near the water in the morning, that is for sure.  Running shoes are getting looked at for something different to do, so lets just see.

Not a lot else to report today.  We walked and talked, cooked roast chicken because we had a big camp oven.  We read articles, but generally really, really want to get into Wellington.  It has been a long, slow and tedious trip over the past few weeks and a run of nicer weather would be great.

My smile for the day, the bulldozers that are used as the boat tractors to get the boats in and out of the ocean from the steep black stone beaches (see pic).

Thanks to all for reading and following, soon there will be more paddling.


PS: Anybody out there than has a fine weather dance/spell or prayers to share, can you take a moment to please send it our way

My favourite silver bulldozer

My favourite silver bulldozer

Red with Cape Palliser Lighthouse

Red with Cape Palliser Lighthouse