Saturday 27th June

This morning was windy and cold.. not as cold as it had been earlier in the week, BUT Dark Windy choppy waters is not that enticing as a start.. anyway left at the same time as the Waka paddlers so that is always nice to have someone else heading out on the water at the same time.. Takapuna beach is always got someone od=r something happening.. I at least was not immersing myself totally like some of the ocean swimmers this morning!! .. they mad me feel warm and dry as I watched them dive into the ocean!!. I paddled from Takapuna into SW headwinds around and past the Devonport Naval base.. yes it was rough .. but lots of fun when I turned for home playing and surfing in the waves... .. I did keep looking at the Lighthouse on my return it seemed to be saying paddle out to me!!.. But today I resisted.. long way and I was already at my 3 hr mark.. maybe tomorrow.. My new was published in the Huffington Post today..

Crazy.. and another moment reminding me.. the count down is on..

Paddle again tomorrow.. probably do the Westhaven marina launch.. head out on a normal paddle to Pt Chev.. turn and head home.. or maybe Orakei to Browns and back..posted images on Facebook, Twitter Instagram this morning of the sunrise, they are always stunning.