AUGUST.. Yikes

The weeks have been cold and wet for training, but as Andy from STAR Kayaks mentioned on day when I dared to mention the wind and rain and the cold.."SO"..!!? and that echos in my head every time I just wan to sit in the car with the heater on..

There have been some great paddling days and have made friends on many of the Auckland boat ramps as I launch and land each day.

There are many days when there seems to not be enough hours in the day to train/ paddle/ chat to people re funding and sponsorship, sit and listen to advise and guidance, read material I have been sent , sleep eat and actually get my work done.

The 26th October is coming around faster than I would every have imagined and there is still a lot today.

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Yes I am still needing sponsorship, team / support crew secured, but I need to feed / transport them and keep there rent at home paid.

Back to the water tomorrow morning hoping to see another amazing sunrise and also paddle with the Auckland dolphins :).