DAY 81...Canterbury Winds

Firstly I need to update you on the later part of day 80, we ended our evening catching up with Peter, (NZ Kelp) he had seen Tricia waiting for my arrival at Wainui and exchanged details.  We were keen to chat so met for a coffee and a bowl of curly fries.  We talked about the journey, everyone's lives and it was nice to make another new friend, it seems this journey brings some to us each day.  This was a fantastic catchup and we all just chatted freely about numerous subjects.  We parted ways and I am everyday totally blown away by these inspiring younger people I come to be blessed to chat to, Peter you thanked me for being inspirational but you in your own right are an inspirational young man, and I surely know in my heart you will 'do it'.

We drove back to the campsite late, on the way it seemed that there were millions of flying insects about as we drove, it was like a hailstorm of little bugs hitting the windscreen.  I could even put my hand out of the window and catch them.  I was glad I was in Cuzzie and not on a motorbike.  At midnight we crawled into our sleeping bags and rested, what a long 20 plus hour day.

There were huge winds forecast for today, actually the biggest I had even seen predicted.  We watched the other campers hanging onto their tents as the huge gusts of wind blew.  We lay in bed till 7am then drank coffee, ate a Sante bar each and then went discovering the bush and hill tracks on the lands surrounding this amazing campsite.  It is hard to describe but I will try, the feelings in this valley are unique, calming, tranquil, like a blend of lavender and camomile, a place you can breathe deeply and I could disappear for a long time.

We walked, we discovered boardwalks, we discovered quirky seating lookouts to great sunset vantage points.  We stumbled upon a piano on a bush-clad hill top that was still working, (well sort of) how the heck did they get it to this location?  We walked up and past my slippery slide, there were tracks and quirkiness everywhere you turned and walked, this place is built with passion and humour and we both love it here.

We at last got to the hilltop and sat in a swinging chair looking out at the hillsides, it was like being in a timeless utopia.  In the end our stomachs broke the peacefulness and demanded real food.  We quickly descended to cook food for lunch, sat in the sun and started looking at tomorrow's options to move further south to the stone, barren surf beaches.  Coffee drunk, maps and distance charts we planned and plotted, now we wait on the storms to pass.  Maybe tomorrow or maybe gap it for a massive day on Sunday, we will keep you posted.  For now we are back in our unique, special slice of NZ, Little River Campsite.  No mobile coverage and only a snippet of wifi.

My smiles today:
Learning about a cool young man's dreams.  Gaining inspiration from his unique energy
The suggestion I should maybe go Cerock dancing.  Thanks for the challenge but that is a 2017 challenge for sure, at least I know where to head and ask for lessons.
Playing a piano out in the bush.
Sitting in a swing seat on top off the most amazing setting, I am coming back to this peninsula and would recommend you all to visit.  Come say hi to Marcus at The Little River Campsite, true uniqueness.

My thoughts today:
Learning to listen to my instincts, my Inner Voice.  This natural skill often gets dulled and doubted by today's life styles, but it is always right.  I am listening more each day.

I am enjoying my journey and Mike Scanlan you have nailed it, the new word to describe this adventure is 'Redz Odyssey'.


Bush Panio

Bush Panio

Forest Swing

Forest Swing