DAY 82...And another day...

There were conflicting forecasts for today, a SE, so I was going with a group decision.  Support crew, said nah, unless you can convince us it is going to be a positive move, then you are not going paddle.  My inner gut feeling was only luke warm and I was listening to these energies, well I was trying to rationalise them, so to bed we went.  I only half sent poor Nat my blog, as the wifi and cell connections were a little bit of a nightmare.  Poor Nat, she is seriously itching to get back and sort me out!  I am sure I have given this young lady a couple of my grey hairs since she has been working remotely for me and trying to make fireworks explosions in Melbourne and also keep up to speed with the cricket she is following around the country. 

The day started with heavy rain on the roof of Cuzzie, the winds where calmish when it rained, from 1 am till about 5 am, it seemed calm enough, but as we are in a valley we were sheltered from the storm and winds and this lulls me into a false sense of security.  The weather apps were checked and it is again like a bad TV advert, me standing with two mobile phones on 2 different networks, juggling to get them to download at 6am the updated forecasts and then looking at the screens, trying to bewitch them into being fine, calm and a perfect forecast.

My magic skills have left me at the moment and it was paddles down, drink coffee and "Eat your brownie Red and stop looking at your app, it ain’t going to change."  "It is a SE," everyone local said, "You should not paddle in this!"  However me and my thoughts were saying, "Well really, can I not just try?"  Trish replied, “We have nowhere to pull you in if you decide to bail on this leg, and the coastline you have seen how bad it can be.  A minimum of 45 km needs to be behind you before we can safely land, so do you want to have a horrid day out there!?"  I tried to remember the advice I had been given from others who have blazed the trail before me and from the locals, so I sat back down and tried to shut up.  Later when Trish felt I would cope she mentioned I had only been off the water for one day, so maybe take a small chill pill.  Trish has known me for a very long time so managed to make me laugh at my caged tiger moments!

The tiger sat and watched the damp tent dwellers get up and start to depart for home, saddend to see them go.  It is only rain and they day was going to improve.  Quickly we ate, made a list of stuff to keep us busy, we marked a return spot for tonight and headed off to amuse me, to keep me away from time to think, to find the wind for me to get out my kite fly rig.  I may have time on my return to Auckland to get into returning to my other crazy obsessions on a kite surfing rig, well maybe, now that is a crazy hobbie.

We headed on a drive, we had missions to complete as my nature does not sit still well.  Too  entertain myself I sent crazy unflattering selfies to Nat while Tricia drove.  Firstly we went to locate some Nick Fient hand crafted earrings.  Why?  Why not?  I do sometimes have an urge for a purchase other than sports and kayak gear, but this item is heading directly back to Auckland to wait for my return.  I had seen them earlier on in the week and I think Tricia was pleased to just get my mind off the weather and my 'if’s' and 'maybe’s' for today.  We were needing to restock the cupboards for this next week (Nat is back soon and eats lots) so into Lyttleton Markets we drove, about 45mins from our camping ground.  It is an adventure and there was a cool as street market on from 10.00am till 1pm so in we swooped, we found bacon, salami and homemade sausages to buy, fresh produce and cool stall holders.  Helen 'The Rubbish Whisperer,' now she had some cool stuff to save us all from having to use plastic bags, she talked passionately about her products.  As we wandered along I flet that Lyttleton had a great vibe, all too soon we were stocked and climbing the steep hill back to Cuzzie to restock the fridge and the cupboards.  The only request from the returning Nat was please can we have plenty of steak and kumera!  LOL!  (I should have also asked for cheese!)

We then needed to find a local cafe to sit and take in this cool place.  We found a perfect location with handcut chips sprinkled with praprika, bbq aubergine covered in miso and huge pot of peppermint tea.  Then both of us started chatting to the next table, Dwayne & Kim from Cat House Films, what fun people.  Thanks for chatting and thanks for approving of my journey.

When we looked at the time we realised we had already used up a lot of this day, off we raced to get my paddling food sorted.  My home made Kumera Brownie was in need of replenishment.  We were kindly able to use Marcus’s oven at the campground to bake this.  While this cooked we got most other chores done.  The campsite has emptied out and only a few of us are left onsite tonight, the calmness has returned to this piece of perfect paradise.

We are still awaiting weather updates but we be heading to the campfire tonight, with the disco ball by the water hole and will toast marshmallows with new people.  This place, as mentioned before, has many unique spaces and they are even more enchanting at night.

My smiles today:
Being in Cuzzie warm and dry when so many around us were damp from the rain.  I have been a tent dweller for many years, so I have empthay.
Talking with genuine, passionate people about keeping NZ green and free of plastic, with us all eating healthy, clean and natural foods.  This is a passion for me.
Having support from many amazing, great paddlers
My honest and real mentors, who keep me real and honest on matters, my skills and my passions that made me want to attempt this journey.  I am always levelled when talking with them.
My smiles are massively big to all my true friends for their positive and continued support.
My support crew, again what a wonderful bunch!  You are always the first to congratulate me even when you are not with me.  Bloody hell this makes me really smile, and also softens me because of your tremendous support.
Liked minded paddlers doing what makes them smile.  Go all of you out there, and keep in touch, we will all keep smiling together.
Writing this blog daily reminds me to smile.  It also reminds me of another fantastic day and that my dream is a reality.

My Thoughts today:
The true and real meaning of others assumptions.
Negatives can be easily turned to positive energy and become your greatest powers.

Campfire, here I come!
Red, Cuzzie & Trish

PS: I sit at the outdoor kitchen table writing this blog, it is cold!  I am surrounded by many tourists, all of us trying to tether to mobiles or the wifi to send messages around the country and the world.

Discoball campfire area

Discoball campfire area