DAY 355...Adventure Highway

Saturday 15 October 2016

The morning sunrise was pretty amazing and Mount Taranaki was looking like it had a fresh coating of snow, but I was too busy trying to locate my missing socks to get out of Cuzzie and take a picture! Honestly, it took me about twenty minutes to find them today, they had shaken loose and fallen to the bottom of the storage bag. I really thought I was going mad (or madder than I am already) so I missed the opportunity of taking a superb photo, but there will be another one for sure.

Off on my run from a new starting point along the coastal walkway today. Even at 7am, the car park already had plenty of surfers standing up on every great vantage point to be able to view the swell. At that stage, no-one was actually in the water although some were pretty close to it. As it was a lovely morning, there were lots of people out early on the walkway, enjoying a nice Saturday morning and I enjoyed running along with so many smiling faces around.

Back to base and breakfast underway, coffee with my new freedom-camping mates from Germany, Mimi and Flo. The swell is up, the surfers are out and as the wind blows the sea spray off the big waves it makes them look as if they have white veils streaming off the back of each. There are also the regular white-baiters and a few fishermen at the river mouth trying their luck at high tide. Everyone is enjoying the wonderful sunshine while they can as it is not forecast to stay all day. If you manage to get out of the cold brisk wind, the day is lovely. Now what to do? Just sit and watch the surfers today or get on the move and go for a drive? I can never sit still when there’s the possibility of a road trip, so off I set along the coast, then turn inland on the Adventure Highway. There are lots of tiny lambs and some massive black bulls scattered over the green, rolling countryside. All the trees are pale green and spring is truly here.

Cuzzie gets blustered about and is rocked to and fro by constant wind gusts. As I drive, I think. It seems to help with my planning. Along the way, I drive through some heavy patches of rain and head further inland, to arrive eventually at a lake that is also covered in whitecaps! I have to laugh as no matter where I go the damn wind continues to menace me. But, as I was heading to a planned swimming pool location, it was of no real concern. I’m glad I went for that drive. I always enjoy the opportunity of discovering new places; it must be the gypsy in my soul!

Water therapy completed, a few lengths nailed and it was off to visit friends, to spend a lovely night eating and watching sporting events on a big TV screen (a total novelty!) and a real bed tonight, with no sound of the ocean. Now that is a change and for once, actually a nice change. For the kayakers following my journey, unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are going to be any sea adventures for many days yet. We have fine weather, yes, but big winds, so no progress further north for the moment. In the meantime more hiking perhaps, maybe a lake paddle, but otherwise a fairly gentle Sunday.

My smiles today:
Surfers. They love the weather and the waves that I dislike.
My freedom-camper friends.
The colours of this spring countryside.
Running and swimming.
A rare T-bone steak and crispy potatoes, roasted in duck fat!
Wind and whitecaps.
Seeing spring lambs reminds me of Anna.

My thoughts today:
Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.

Until tomorrow, goodnight from Red. 

Ma Te Wa.


 Dream, or a nightmare.

 Dream, or a nightmare.

Lambs and the green pastures.

Lambs and the green pastures.