DAY 356...A Real Nice Bed

Sunday 16 October 2016

A smoothie for breakfast then a nice run along the meandering paths of this beautiful lake-front on a chilly morning. I looked at the white caps on the lake and they seem small and soft. I was even tempted to head out on the lake for a paddle once the sun actually arrived. Well, I thought about it but it never actually happened. Sunday was to be a little bit of a rest day for me.

Taupo has put on a lovely sunny day along with a very brisk, cold wind but I’m not complaining. I have enjoyed a day with three lovely cats, two wonderful friends and for a lot of the day I hung about, sitting on a deck sheltered from the wind and resting in the nice sunshine, wandering about in a garden, cleaning out Cuzzie just a little and enjoying not hearing the pounding ocean today. Well, it probably isn’t pounding that much but with my eye always on the weather forecast I know the swells are actually dropping. More like being flattened by the stronger winds. I wander about a few shops but it’s not as though I actually need anything in Cuzzie apart, perhaps, from a softer mattress! I enjoyed just lying on a couple of wonderfully soft, expensive beds and dreaming briefly of sleeping on a bed worth $7k! Maybe, but not in this lifetime, that will just have to remain a dream.

I cook my most-loved chocolate brownie and sneak a small corner of it before it has cooled, with soft melted chunks of dark chocolate. I also had to laugh, as I’m starting to look at other paddling adventures. But this week, it looks like bush walks, a few paddles on a big lake, with my head down, just doing my stuff. Cuzzie and my life is being reduced down to very simple stuff right now, with more days of water therapy. But perhaps the best thing is that I’m with people who actually get it, and I get a home-cooked Sunday roast dinner (yum!). As I wait for this beautiful spring weather to settle down a little, I hug myself for having learned patience and having belief, both in myself and Mother Nature, to wait for some great paddling days ahead.

My smiles today:
Waking in a soft bed.
Small waves on a lake.
Fresh trails, cool winds and snow on the mountains.
Three lovely cats.
A Sunday roast dinner.
Lying on an expensive bed in my holey leggings and bare feet!

My thoughts today:
There’s nothing like having good, honest friends.

Goodnight from Red and Cuzzie. 

Ma Te Wa.


Good night.

Good night.