DAY 359...Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Well, the slogan on most of my T-shirts says "eat, sleep, paddle, repeat" but of late, I’ve had to change one of the words, with “paddle” becoming “train”! However, it’s in rather a lovely part of the country that I’m having to repeat some more of the same. I vary the run, mix up the sprints, and change locations a little for the outdoor circuit, so that I have a new view when it’s comes time to consume my breakfast and enjoy the outdoor dining on this sheltered part of Lake Taupo.

The lake was looking a little calmer today so, instead of heading to the pools, I unloaded Louise, stopped to chat to some lovely Australian tourists for rather a long time, then hit the water, the wind and the very small waves on the lake. I paddled into the wind for just on an hour, enjoying being out on the water again. The thrill of gliding along still makes me happy and the sound of the paddle is something I enjoy zoning into. Before I know it, I’m due to turn, unless I just keep on paddling to the end! But no, not today. Perhaps some other time I’ll go around this stunning lake and camp somewhere along the shoreline. As I turn, I surf the small waves and get blown along by the wind. It’s a beautiful feeling whizzing along as I go past the boat ramp and paddle back in and around Two Mile Bay and the lake front before returning to load up and go grab a late lunch.

This has been a first for me. Never before have I paddled on Lake Taupo and now I wonder why it hasn’t been on my radar. Thanks Taupo, what a lovely way to finish my training! Back home for my lunch, and just in time to save another bird from the wretched cat! This bird had lost a couple of feathers but it did manage to fly away when I tossed it out the window. Honestly
Heidi, I really don’t need or want to eat a starling as some form of new-found food!

Now for another first; I’m going to the movies! Strangely enough, I’m looking forward to some light entertainment in the form of "Bridget Jones’ Baby". Yes, in this film (men stay at home) there are no car chases, guns or fighting, so most females will enjoy it and laugh a lot! On the way home along the lake front, I saw a glorious sunset and also allowed myself a faint smile of hope so far as the upcoming forecasts are concerned. Maybe, just maybe sometime soon, I’ll be able to move a little further north before the end of Labour Weekend.

Homemade burgers for dinner with all the trimmings (yum!). Rain tomorrow, but with a possible paddle on a fresh water lake with swans, New Zealand scaups (little dark diving ducks) and (doubtless) a few trout.

My smiles today:
Talking with strangers and parting as friends.
My lovely lake paddle.
Homemade burgers.
Going to the movies!
Another terrified bird. Thanks, but no thanks, Heidi.
Tog tan lines from the outdoor pools (really!).
This evening’s sunset.
Beautiful willow trees.

My thoughts today:
The person I am today would like to thank the person I was five years ago for not giving up.

Goodnight from Red, Louise, Cuzzie and Heidi the cat. 

Ma Te Wa.


Another Taupo sunset.

Lake view.

Lake view.