DAY 360...Focus

Thursday 20 October 2016

As you have probably all gathered, I’m only focusing on one mission at the moment and that’ s to stay put and be ready for when I hope to be able to hit the ocean water again really soon. My day is just about making sure I keep up my routines and that, at the end of each day, I feel happy to have completed and ticked all the training boxes. For the kayakers who are waiting for another paddling day, it is coming but for now, let me just share my days of training when I’m not able to paddle. This is what works for me (and yes, I also did this before the journey started and was working).

A 10km run. Today it was a 5km warm-up run, then I turned and did 40 jogging steps and then 40 sprinting steps all the way back on the return 5kms. Then some toe-high knee sprints and high knee fast sprints (x 10). The lake was calm again today, so I grabbed Louise off the roof rack and went for a calm paddle for just one hour, annoying all the birdlife as I cruised along the lake edge and under the willow trees. A late breakfast and then jobs in Cuzzie.

I still had my afternoon swimming to complete, so I got to the pools early. Today I had planned a longer session but it ended up being even longer than I had originally planned. I can't explain my swimming pool brain but, after the first twenty lengths, I just switched into remote control and away I went. 4kms later, I evicted myself from the pools. I’m pleased with how the swimming/kayaking seem to complement each other and I’m also pleased to share with anyone getting ready to dust off the cobwebs of their beloved kayak and get back into some paddling for the remaining part of the year that there’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy a great day on the water in the summer. Even if your arms and body ache within the first hour of your day's adventures.

There you go, a day in Red’s training world. It varies each day, depending on length and intensity. But when I can’t paddle north, I continue to try really hard to stay as fit as I possibly can, as well as eyeing up potential projects for 2017/18. This morning I also went for a trip down memory lane. To Acacia Bay to be exact, to check out the house I once owned and lived in and where I planted a beautiful kowhai tree in celebration of my son’s birth. I was so very happy to see the selfsame kowhai tree still on the front lawn after 28 years! Wow, how very cool! Thanks to whoever owns this house now for keeping the pretty yellow-flowering tree.

Taupo has had a little rain today, mixed with sun and wind but I”m not too bothered. In all honesty, I have totally enjoyed my day. I’ve been outside all day, motivated and just "doing it" with no excuses. After all, my number one pet dislike is "excuses"! I am focused on upcoming paddling so no excuses, unless of course, Mother Nature gets in the way.

My smiles today:
My reason for loving kowhai trees.
A trip down memory lane.
A 4km swim; a brilliant feeling!
Paddling on a calm lake in the morning rain!
No cats playing with birds!

My thoughts today:
A great read: "Ambition is not enough - you have to do unrequited things that others don’t do, so you can stand out from the rest." - King Cas

Goodnight from Red!

Ma Te Wa.


Kohwai flowers.

Kohwai flowers.

Bennie the cat.

Bennie the cat.