Day 361...Rendezvous and Kids

Friday 21 October 2016

Today was my time and the day to head back to my camper-van and back to the ocean. First a peaceful run, then a chance to sit in the Taupo sunshine and chat for a while, then it was on the road towards my meeting point with support crew Jason. I am forever hopeful.

Along the country roads away from the Labour weekend traffic Cuzzie and I weave, green hills, sheep and lambs, cows; everywhere I look it makes me smile because I can hear Anna's voice in my head admiring the rolling green hills and our countryside. Since all the rain I reckon the grass was even greener, if that is truly possible. All seasons today while driving. Sunshine, then heavy rain showers. I was happy weaving along the road and feeling happy to be getting back out to the coast. But I was also feeling the need to hit the water and get further north paddling (and so must most of you).

I arrive and get chatting to the regulars at this camping ground. The kids sit in Cuzzie for hours chatting and showing me their fishing tackle gear! Kawhia campsite tonight, which is really lovely, quaint and nice. The campsite is full with boats and camper-vans. We have become camper-van central to the regular kids. Jacob, Lachlan and Nathan, Leen and Jakob, Chetwin; these kids are brilliant and full of chatter, and at present they are running and biking races around the campsite. Jason has arrived from Auckland and is timing them while I am in charge of the whiteboard and writing the results!

Also we are being shown card games while I get dinner underway. The boys all head off in different directions for their dinners. I then had time for a quick walk on the beach and to be thankful for another wonderful day. Further south tomorrow, weather reports studied and planning in progress. T-bone steaks, roasted veges, home grown salads and avocado for dinner (yum!).

My smiles today:
Rolling green pastures.
The ocean and harbour.
Labour weekend. Everyone seems happy it has arrived.
Summer is starting. Blue skies.
Scallops in this harbour!
Kids chatting openly and honestly.

My thoughts today:
Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and so gorgeous at the end.

To everyone: have a wonderful and safe Labour weekend. 

Goodnight from Red. 

Ma Te Wa.


Kawhia Harbour.

Kawhia Harbour.