Day 365...Nearly One Year

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Another day, and it’s nearly a year since I left the shores of Takapuna on the 27th of October 2015, but now it’s just another great day in my world with no traffic, no stress and the sound of rain on Cuzzie’s roof. To the kayakers’ tune, out now, of “there’s been no paddling today”!

I wake as per normal, say a quick prayer to the weather forecast and start scanning the days ahead for something that looks like a possible chance to hit the water. That’s very quickly over and out of the way and my only frown is that I need to crawl out of bed and get out into the morning drizzle to do some exercise. Pulling on my cold running clothes, I stall for a moment or two, then get outside. I got a little wet from the drizzle but it was surprisingly warm outside. As I ran, I looked at all the Kawhia baches, mostly all with the curtains drawn and resting after a busy weekend of families and partying, not to be bothered with again until Christmas time. Yikes, that’s only a little while away!

Back in the campsite, I must look like a gym junkie doing my circuit and weight training under the tree just next to Cuzzie. Actually, I reckon I was finished well before any of the other campers had even managed to open their curtains! I’m satisfied and happy with my start to today so far, now it’s time to get clean and dry, eat breakfast and turn on the laptop; emails to write and stories to be compiled. It usually takes some time for me to get focused but soon I have everything underway and get lots done before lunchtime. I then pack up Cuzzie and drive over to Aotea Beach and Harbour. As it’s low tide, I take a walk out along a track to the harbour mouth entrance and stare out at the waves in the far distance, looking for possible gaps in the white caps to see if there’s an opening to get into this harbour if need be.

Then after chasing huge crabs in the rock pools I wander back down the beach, in what proves to be rather soft and deep sand at times, to grab a late lunch, sit indoors and be relieved to have missed getting rained on while walking. I actually never even knew that Aotea Harbour existed until I was in Kawhia a few weeks ago, another first for me. The sun appeared briefly today but, very soon, the rain and mist return to my world, so I retreat back to my campsite, read the daily news, drag out a book and read a few pages.

Then, I just can’t help myself  and I start looking at maps and the coastline ahead. This takes up much of the late afternoon so, on a day when I thought I had plenty of time to get tons done, I have managed to get side-tracked many times and it seems the day is all but over now. As the birds start to roost in the willow trees around me, the rain also stops for a little while and the wind has died down a little in this world of mine. Kawhia seems to have a wonderful peaceful feel about it which is great for keeping me calmer, so I’m truly glad to have found this cute location.

My smiles today:
Kingfishers are so beautiful.
Rock pools and huge crabs.
The calming harbour.
The comfort of Cuzzie on a rainy day.
A donation to the charity bucket. Thanking you kindly.
Warm rain.

My thoughts today:
Learn how to have fun without drinking.
Talk without a cell phone.
Dream without drugs.
Smile without selfies.
Love without conditions.

Enjoy the rest of today. Cheers from Red. 

Ma Te Wa.

P.S. I’m off for an early evening walk, to sit and stare at the harbour.


Aotea Harbour Cliffs.

Aotea Harbour Cliffs.

Rocks, rock-pools and harbour waves.

Rocks, rock-pools and harbour waves.