Day 366...Leap Year

Wednesday 26 October 2016

It is 365 days since I left Takapuna beach and, for a while there, I thought I must have been counting my days wrong as today is only the 26th of October and I left on the 27th of October. Then it dawned on me, 2016 is a Leap Year so there’s an extra day, now I understand that tomorrow is my day of celebration!!

But, back to normal business. Continually, I remind myself that I must keep fit and that’s what gets me up and out of Cuzzie’s door each morning. Fine rain is falling but, at present, not a howling gale although I can see the clouds whizzing along up in the early morning sky. As I run today, I feel really good. Then I get into my weight circuit session and am pleased that no-one else can actually see my workout, as there would surely be some interesting comments! Outdoor exercising in my own little boot camp. I have attended a few of these over the years and think mine is far more pleasant. No-one bellowing instructions or making the one comment that really irks me ("You can do better than that!”). Anyway, it’s just me today in the entire campsite. I shower, have breakfast, then make a couple of catch-up calls.

Then it’s time to hit the road and see a place I last visited a very long time ago, Otorohonga. By now it’s blowing a gale and wet all the way on the drive, so I sit in Cuzzie for a while trying to convince myself that first of all, I should go for swim after which I can perhaps go for a bit of a wander and a look about. After lunch, swim I did; although that was probably not the best idea! I did far too many tumble turns, as this pool was short and rather warm. As a result, I felt my stomach churning and I was ever so slightly nauseous by the end of the session. Anyway, finally it was over and done with and I had a cold shower to cool down. Soon I felt way better, obviously having previously been spoilt with the cooler Taupo outdoor pool.

Then I headed round the corner to the Kiwi House to become a tourist for an hour or so, wandering about looking at the bird life. The kiwis were really cool but I have to say the geckos, lizards and our tuatara were my favourites; very cool and rather cute creatures. Once my wander around this well-laid out enclosure was finished, I hesitated just for a moment when I was driving through town, trying to convince myself to buy a Lotto ticket. But no, I eventually decided against it. Of course it would help to win, but I actually didn’t feel all that lucky today and, in any case, I would rather buy some food with the money rather than throw it away on the Lotto.

It was then time to head back to my favourite little campsite in Kawhia before more rain and nightfall arrived. Again I thought about heading to the Waitomo caves, but today my reason for not doing so was that it was already too late in the day. Rain, rain and more rain as I drove back along the roads, then a little bit of sunshine, enough to feel as if I was being welcomed back to Kawhia.

Tonight there are some other camper-vans but my little spot is still free, so I park under a huge tree next to the picnic table and enjoy the sunshine. Well, just until the next shower of warming rain decides to arrive. But, all in all, a successful day, a clear head after some water therapy and I’m starting to put a plan in place. Tomorrow, if the rain actually manages to stay away, I think I might go paddling on Kawhia Harbour.

My smiles today:
The Kiwi House.
A swimming pool.
The sound of all the birds.
The lizards and geckos.
Warm, soft rain.
Forward planning.

My thoughts today:
The most beautiful things in life are not things! They are people, places, memories and pictures, feelings, moments, smiles and laughter.

Until tomorrow, from Red and Cuzzie.

Ma Te Wa.


Tuatara at Kiwi House.

Cute Gecko.

Cute Gecko.