DAY 348...Big Seas, Big Winds. Stuck.

Saturday 8 October 2016

A wonderful sleep, but the sunlight had us all up and awake early. The crew had me working today after breakfast. Out came my hairdressing scissors and Anna and Jase lined up for haircuts and, much to the entertainment of the other campsite guests, I had them sitting on crates outside on the grass. Haircuts over and done with, I was released from my “must do” jobs! When cutting people’s hair, I often wonder if I’ll ever forget the technique or lose the skill. Then we headed off in the ute (Cuzzie is enjoying a well-deserved break today) to look at 4 metre plus swells and to see if any surfers were crazy enough to be out on the ocean, but not a one was sighted. The waves, the swell and the entire ocean look horrible. Well, at least they do from my perspective. Anna, on the other hand, thinks they look wonderful, while Jase looks out on the ocean in disgust.

Instead we just tiki-tour up and over the hills and along the tops of the cliffs, looking out and over the impressive vantage points way up high with the birds. We wander the streets of the little surfing town of Raglan and then sit talking with some locals over a coffee and a sweet peppermint tea, chatting in depth about their passion against seabed mining. Raglan was one of the first places to react to the situation due to the unique relationship between Iwi and the local community. Experienced ocean folk, including surfers and fishermen and women, immediately recognised the threat to the entire West Coast posed by the scale of potential mining operations. They were stunned at the lack of regulations or standards surrounding the seabed mining proposals, realising that it would be up to them to protect their own backyard. Kiwis Against Seabed Mining grew in response to that wave (

Once back at the campsite, I decided to fly my kite in the field next door, joining in with another family doing the same thing. Compared to them, I still need practice that’s for sure! As the sun was still shining, I also decided to give my gear bags a much-needed clean and tidy up and that felt like a weight off my shoulders as I hate clutter and mess. It was out with the old and unused together with repacking of lots of my stuff. Jase (aka "Tim The Tool Man”) had a list of little jobs to do, so he was a happy chappie and Anna and I had to smile as he glued and repaired a couple of things.

To end a lovely day, we catch up with a very long-lost friend, Malcolm, with whom we are so happy to have reconnected (it was a total joy). That’s another of the many things this journey is truly about, making new friends and catching up with old ones! A one-pot dinner is created while we chat, then it’s doors shut, heater on and dinner in the comfort of Cuzzie. Tomorrow we are on the road again, starting to head back south, not for any reason other than I need to be closer to New Plymouth. I have now seen enough tracks to walk and places to visit.

My smiles today:
Locals and the innate knowledge they possess.
Rekindling friendships.
4 metre swells and big winds (jeez!).
No rain for today.
Flying my kite.
Seeing familiar, happy faces.

My thoughts today:
I honestly love being around positive people. You’re not judged. There are no dramas. Everybody just wants to relax and have a great time.

Big hugs from Red, Anna and Jase. 

Ma Te Wa.


Reconnecting after many years.

Reconnecting after many years.

Jason and Red at it again.

Jason and Red at it again.