DAY 349...Sunday

Sunday 9 October 2016

I’m really not sure about today. It started early with the rain returning so heavily that I began to think I was back in Fiordland again! We didn’t stay long in bed as we all had places to be and wanted to get on the road early, with Anna and myself heading south and Jase returning to the city. Crumpets cooked for the team for breakfast and coffee made for Jase. I watched jealously as Jase drank his coffee, it’s already over two weeks since I stopped drinking this liquid (a possible factor why I had such a huge headache for a couple of days back down the line). To be honest, it would seem that coffee and I are not a great combination because it always seems to end up the same way. Perhaps I was born to drink herbal tea.

Back to today, by the time we left the campsite, we had a lake around us but luckily no need to be towed out this time! As we got a little further on our journey south, the rain stopped and we just enjoyed the empty roads, looking at the scenery with the green rolling hills. There was a lack of lambs early on today but soon, they were back in abundance again. The trees everywhere seem greener each time I pass them, as they develop more and more spring growth and the weather becomes far warmer.

Back up over the hills we go and sight the coastline in the distance. We cross numerous bridges, with rivers filled to the brim with very brown, muddy water due to all the rain and now there are so many paddocks looking like lakes. It has to be one of the wettest days for sure. There are fresh slips on the Mokau as we drive towards the river-mouth. Then our stomachs start rumbling, so we stop for two reasons. To eat and to take a walk out to The Three Sisters and The Elephant. We probably made it there and back just in time before the incoming tide got too high. There were sections where we were up to our knees in water! But I’m glad that I went and really happy to see these amazing natural rock formations as we walked over the black sands. Anna located a beautifully formed seahorse that had been washed up onto the beach. A pretty rare sight I would imagine. It was as though it had been air-dried and Anna was very happy with her find. Back into Cuzzie and on to the well-driven road to New Plymouth. Now it’s time to try to re-focus, time to get back into training and just to wait.

We check out a beach and then realise as we arrive that we have seen this checkpoint already!! Oh well, it’s always good to look a couple of times, just to be sure. As we drove today, we seemed to see numerous large tractors on the country roads. The farmers are busy and every day is a working day for them. I also think that tractors seem to be getting bigger than when I was a kid on the farm. I swing wide each time we have to pass one of them or hug the edge of the road when we are going in opposite directions. Free wi-fi located, things to do while we are connected to, others’ networks, then it’s time for dinner and hopefully an early night. Fingers and toes crossed for a paddle very soon. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

My smiles today:
Standing in a lake of rainwater.
Mud between the toes.
Making breakfast for the team.
Feeling the sunshine. Wow, it really is beginning to get warmer.
Seeing city names that remind me of home.
Anna and her air-dried seahorse find.

My thoughts today:
When your WHY is big enough, you’ll discover your HOW!

Ma Te Wa from Lynn and Anna.


The Three Sisters featuring Anna's seahorse.

The Three Sisters featuring Anna's seahorse.

Fun tunnels.

Fun tunnels.