Day 386...Not A Lot

Tuesday 15 November 2016

As I wake, I listen to the wind. I’m amazed to hear no rain and am determined to get out and on with my morning run before the predicted downpours arrive. Running gear on, with not too much trouble, and I’m out and on my way by 6am. Daylight has arrived and I’m on the beach with a rather strong headwind, blowing the wet sand along the beach effortlessly in stinging clouds around my shins! The positive side to this is that, on my return, I’ll have the wind in my back pushing me along. I hang on to that positive thought every time another big blast hits, making me nearly come to a complete standstill a couple of times. It’s a really low tide this morning, making it relatively easy-going running as, underfoot, I’m landing on very hard, wet sand.

Today the sun has a chance of shining through the thick layers of cloud. Was the run enjoyable? Well, once I got back and into to my camper-van it was!! As I climbed back into Cuzzie, I had to smile as at that very moment the rain started to fall, getting more intense by the minute and it stayed like that until well after lunchtime today. 

The rain and mist has stayed with us all day and even I have had almost a whole day indoors in Cuzzie doing Internet stuff and trying to finish reading a book! But I’m also extremely grateful that in my little nook of NZ there have been no floods or tremors to contend with. Most of you would probably find this utter bliss but for me, to be stuck on a laptop trying to read, is probably at the top of my least interesting “to do” list and a really big challenge. After all, me having to sit still at all is a skill I still have to try to master. I challenge myself to finish my book by the end of this evening but, long before that, I’m heading into the kitchen to help the others with producing a crispy roast pork dinner with kumara and other trimmings.

To the kayakers who are still patient enough to have borne with me, I have nearly worn out my laptop, scanning the forecast for a possible glimpse of favourable weather in which to paddle. But, most certainly, it isn’t going to be this week! To everyone else: stay dry, stay safe and here’s hoping that Mother Nature starts to play favourably again soon.

My smiles today:
Running on a deserted beach.
Actually still being able to run!
Having to sit still!! Frown-provoking in the extreme!
E-mail chats, thanks to my friends.
Problems RE: support crew solved. Yippee!

My thoughts today:
"Thank you to all the difficult people in my life, for you have shown me exactly who I don't want to be!" (With special thanks to Nat for this little gem.)

Grateful to have rain on the roof of Cuzzie rather than on a tent in Fiordland. It’s Goodnight from Red. 

Ma Te Wa.


The bright part of my day.

The bright part of my day.