Day 387...Enjoying a Mostly Fine, Sunny Day

Wednesday 16 November 2016

I ran this morning in the rain and the wind, next to the ocean, daring it to try to get my shoes wet. I start to look around me with a new set of eyes on this deserted Port Waikato beach. The eroding sand dunes have a beauty about them this morning; the colours of the wet layers on sand making up the crumbling dunes with the tussock grasses golden and soft grey-green against the early morning soft blue skies, looking like a calendar picture. Nothing to which my camera can do justice so I don’t even stop to try and take any images.

The hills inland seem far clearer today, with no haze and I’m ever hopeful that it will soon stop raining, but not on this run today. The grey rain clouds keep being pushed over me and dumping all their contents on where I’m running. The wind is also slapping me about. My mind wanders for a little while, actually wondering how I could bottle my crazy motivation for others and wondering how many people are still tucked up in their bed, making excuses for not exercising? I make a mental note to ask Jason later about how many may have cancelled training sessions today with some lame excuse. Perhaps sadly, I’m exactly the opposite of this, finding it impossible to pull the bedclothes over my head and go back to sleep. Quite simply, it’s just not part of my mental make-up.

Again the low tide seems miles out. As I turn at the river mouth, I see a small dinghy whizzing along the narrow stretch of water towards a favourite fishing spot. I also look down the river and see a couple of early morning white-baiters (scoopers) already on the river banks. I hope they fill their buckets before breakfast.

Today, as I return to my camper-van, it’s still pouring with rain but it actually only stops as I step back out of my shower. Typical of Mother Nature to employ such hideous tactics! My next mission is to get a good solid swim completed before lunch, so that involved a drive into Pukekohe to the pools. On arrival there, I was a little stunned that the car park was really full, as indeed, was the pool itself, with three lanes having aqua aerobics in full swing. As I was climbing in, luckily they were all just finishing up so, without further ado, I was quickly into the water and underway. I had a goal and got into staring at the black line on the bottom of the pool routine fairly early on. In fact, I was really pleased with today's session; 4kms completed and feeling good about my day.

I chatted to a lady in the changing rooms about an ocean swimming event on Saturday, sand to surf and I have to confess, I’m a tad interested. Only 2.6kms. but there’s a slight glitch as it’s over on the East Coast at Mt Maunganui (do I dare!?). It’s so tempting but, maybe not! Showered, changed and back into town. Stock up on supplies from the local supermarket, then a drive back along the very swollen river. As you all know, it’s a big high tide and it looks like there’s no room for anymore water in this river at the moment. Unless, of course, you want it going over its banks. Yikes! Full, gigantic moons, huge big tides and strong winds, not a good mix at all!

It’s wonderfully sunny as I return to Port Waikato so, with lunch in hand, I find a great sheltered place on the back lawn and watch the twins bouncing on the trampoline and others doing gardening maintenance while I sit, write and lie in the warm sun. But, after this morning’s training session, I reckon I deserve to spend some time in the sunshine, as well as some time reading the news and studying the damn weather. But very quickly I decide to give up on that insane habit. Well, for a few hours that is. This was my Wednesday. I’m still trying to see the massive moon we are all meant to see, maybe tonight!

My smiles today:
The beautiful West Coast beach.
Rain and wind. I have to smile.
Swimming; me in my happy place.
Sitting in the sunshine, sheltered from the wind.
Huge, ripe locally-grown avocados only $1 each!
Huge, farm-fresh eggs only $5 per dozen.
Simple, clean, basic living.

My thoughts today:
The greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times.

Goodnight from Red. 

Ma Te Wa.