Day 390...Found Me!

Saturday 19 November 2016

Raglan, I discovered, has an amazing fish and chip shop just down by the wharf and after a really long hike into town last night, we were both starving and enjoyed the large selection of fish on offer with some wonderful hand-cut potato and kumara fries, heaps of salt and lots of tomato sauce. Then a huge windy, cold hike back to Cuzzie. It was another blustery night, accompanied by more heavy downpours. For me, it’s now easier to sleep with wind and ocean noise than when it’s silent and calm, so a great night’s sleep for me!

Saturday in Raglan. Lots of people were in the little township when we headed back to the wharf after having an amazing cafe breakfast at Rock-It Kitchen. Jase was happy as the food and coffee was just wonderful. Then it was time to wander and just look in a couple of stores, watch Jason spend money and before too long, we again had to say our “goodbyes”. Jase was heading home and me, well I was off to drive inland, to pick up my new support person, Bianca, who is joining me on this leg of the paddling adventure. 

My rendez-vous for tonight was in Taupo. What better to do than sit in The Terraces hot pools on a wet and windy evening. What total heaven, totally worth the drive. Weather check, emails and now dinner in my camper-van world looking out at another incredible view. Some days, I feel a little like that game called "Where's Wally?", always on the move and always popping up in a different location. Dinner time, then into my huge camper-van bed for yet another night on the road dreaming of home.

My smiles today:
Breakfast in a cafe! Real luxury!
Driving along more back country roads.
Chance meeting with Paul and Anna Lawrence.
The hot pools; bliss.
Green, rolling Waikato farm land.
Camper-vans parked in a row at the Taupo spot.
Making a new friend. Welcome Bianca!

My thoughts today:
When life gives you a hundred reasons to break down and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile and laugh!

Goodnight from Red, Cuzzie and Bianca. 

Ma Te Wa.


Found by Paul Lawrence. Love ya! 

My bedroom view.

My bedroom view.