Day 391... Welcome Bianca

Sunday 20 November 2016

Crazy gale force winds last night and white caps and waves on the lake this morning. But my mind was not even bothered by this because, actually, the lake looked spectacular. I was on a mission today. Firstly, to immerse myself in swimming pool therapy; secondly, to catch up with local Taupo friends; thirdly, breakfast; and finally, to pickup Bianca, my new support person. Then it was back on the road towards the ocean, the waves and home for a few more days (Raglan). Once on the road, we drive, we talk about New Zealand, about life in general and just enjoy the sunshine streaming into Cuzzie. Oh, and try to keep driving in a straight line as the gusting wind is horrendous. Bianca is from Germany (Nuremberg), she has been travelling since the start of September and has just joined me on my crazy adventure. It is just incredible finding liked minded people when you need them and again seeing NZ from another's travelling eyes. Also, how exciting is this: Bianca can fly hot air balloons! Wow now that is cool!

Once back in Raglan we pass the huge windmills on the hills spinning at top speed. By the time we arrive, my stomach is rumbling, so it’s a real pleasure to pull up by the harbour and eat some lunch. Afterwards, we go wandering round Raglan so that Bianca can soak up and enjoy the casual Sunday vibes. We check out the surf beaches at Ngarunui and there are numerous groups out on the waves. We investigate the cost of group lessons and for a while stand and watch the waves peeling in and the learners going up and down on their boards. We also drive around a little so Bianca gets to know the layout. Then we had booked her in for surfing lessons, not me though. I’m just going to watch from the safety of the sand dunes.

Then it’s off the watch the incredible skill of the insane kite surfers at the harbour entrance. The wind and the weather is perfectly suited to these guys, a dozen or more of them are out on the water and many more are getting ready to join them. There are no learners out in this windy weather, only experts and they are flying high! Kite boarding is a skill I have to master but, even after a few lessons, I’m still not very good. In any case, how many sports can I do before running out of time to master them all!

By now it was time to head to our campsite and get settled and rest after a long day’s driving. Time for Bianca to get acquainted with Cuzzie and to try to load her gear into the cupboards on board. As for me, it’s time to do what I always do at this time of the day, check the weather forecast! Still a few days of sitting and waiting, of watching for the weather high to approach New Zealand, hopefully with calm seas and the wind in the right direction. Until that happens. I’ll be paddling in circles round the harbour, running the beaches and chasing more Geocaches.

My smiles today:
The amazing waves on Lake Taupo.
Swimming pool therapy.
Sharing Raglan with Bianca.
Watching surfers and kite-surfing gurus.
The approaching weather "high".

My thoughts today:
One day you’ll wake up and there won't be any more time to do all the things you've always wanted. So, do them now!

Goodnight from Red and Bianca.

Ma Te Wa.


Kite surfing gurus.

Kite surfing gurus.

Surfing lessons on the beach below.

Surfing lessons on the beach below.