Day 392...A Frown Or Two

Monday 21 November 2016

Our morning was good. I went running along a lovely beach while Bianca did her yoga. As we sat and ate a wonderful breakfast, the day was looking amazing; stunning blue skies with not a chance of the clouds staying over the sun as the wind was blasting them along and making sure they didn’t hang around. The cold campsite shower was a tad refreshing, reminding me of the Fiordland waterfalls. Well, maybe not quite as cold!

A trip into town to drop Bianca off at her surf lesson for the next three hours. As for me, well I sat up high on a hilltop, watching the surfers below and looking out at the surf breaks and the waves, certainly glad I wasn’t on the water. I also had to recheck that my kayak was well-tied down because the wind had really picked up in force and everything was rattling. Come lunchtime, I had a change of scenery, moving location by going back to watch my favourites, the kite-surfers, in action. I also watched a very skilled young girl get rigged up and go out on the water in a huge wind. Just watching her, I got a few tips, but it’ll take me many more lessons before I ever get that skilled. Then it was back to lie in the sun for a while until Bianca returned from surfing. Sheltering from the wind and simply enjoying the warmth of the sun’s rays was really pleasant.

Once Bianca had eaten a late lunch and she had warmed up from her three hour surfing stint, I suggested we drive to Raupuke to take a look at the coastline and a surf beach. At the first lookout, as I was walking back towards Cuzzie, I looked at the front tyres and noticed that the tread on the inside was worn; so worn, in fact, that I could see thread and feel wire!! Holy crap these tyres were fitted in Napier and are only one year old! My heart sank and our tour was abruptly cut short as we headed back towards Raglan in search of a tyre repair shop! Alas, even though I had the most helpful crew, they didn’t have a tyre and couldn’t do an alignment on Cuzzie. A few phone calls later, arrangements had been made for me to head to Hamilton tomorrow for new front tyres, a balance and a wheel alignment. How and why has this happened? Well, apparently, when they were fitted and balanced in Napier, there was no alignment done! What? Really! How come? I’m convinced I asked for this all to be done, but obviously it wasn’t even though the report they have on their records states that I was charged for it! I’m more than a little gutted but will now always check my bills and repairs more thoroughly in future. Tyres, balance and alignment, triple check!!!

What else could possibly make me frown today? Oh, yes, the news of a landing further north that will now need to be shortened. Without boring you or ranting on needlessly, this is just another frustration to end the day. Somehow it’ll all get sorted out, maybe by making a few more phone calls or maybe with the help of a kind heart or two I might discover along the way. How have I resolved this all in my head? Well, I had to ask myself: “Is it a life-threatening situation?” "No." Then, as a very good friend would say to me: "Settle petal!"

For dinner tonight, we are the guests of the surfing school. Greenwaves, thank you so much for the invite. Bianca has made a beautiful salad to take along, while I write my blog and drink kawakawa and lemon tea, thinking maybe it will calm my frustrated mood. Ah well, as they say "shit happens" but why does it always seem to happen to me!?

My smiles today:
Stunning beach for my run.
Watching others enjoy the ocean.
Kawakawa tea to calm my frazzled soul. Thanks, Jen.
Enjoying another day of sunshine.
Dinner with new friends.

My thoughts today:
"On particularly rough days, when I'm sure I can't possibly endure any more frustrations and setbacks, I like to remind myself that, so far, my track record for getting through these bad days is near on 100% and that's pretty darn good!"

Goodnight from Red, Bianca and Cuzzie.

Ma Te Wa.


The Raglan Ocean.