Day 375...New Hobby

Friday 4 November 2016

Wind blowing with cold rain, what more could you ask for when you need encouragement to get out and on the beach for a run! To make it even more fun this is all before 6.30am. I did manage, as you would expect, to find the motivation needed to get out and onto the beach! It was colder than I wanted and even my hands went numb for a little while but I was now officially doing it, so each footstep was one closer to finishing!

Low tide meant I could get a long way today before needing to turn and in the end I was happy with my 10km run. The best part was at the turn around as I had the wind pushing me along. It is always a great feeling no matter if I am running, biking or paddling; it seems just that little easier. There were others out on the beach for early morning runs or walks, and plenty of dogs were running in and out of the water having an amazing time. As I got closer to finishing it absolutely bucketed down with rain, but by this time it was a welcome and refreshing rinse off at the end of my run. 

Back at Cuzzie I sit inside and get dry. I did a few weights inside the camper-van then it was breakfast, and later on the skies cleared so I flung open the doors for the day. I have always got a bunch of off the water things to get done and after being in this camper-van for 1 year there is lots of repairs and maintenance to be done, so while it blows and is not raining I just get them done.

I get a couple of cool phone calls from friends today so I chat and continue my chores. I have the GeoCache locations set and ready to track later this afternoon. Jase arrives from Auckland and quickly I jump into his ute  (oops) not seeing the small cake in a ziplock bag on the seat, it was a little squashed by the time we both realised but he still ate it. Before he could even say no I had dragged Jase along to discover 3 more new hidden caches! I am actually thinking it could be my new hobby; it's better than book reading! For someone like me who can never sit still this is great. I am most certainly only doing the easier ones. It gets me wondering how many may have been in the Fiordlands area.

Back at the campsite many more camper-vans have arrived for the night, and also weekend holiday makers, so there is much to watch and be entertained by. Tomorrow I am feeling like Cuzzie and I may be needing a change of location just for a day or so to check out the coastline a little. A wonderful dinner tonight, I have been spoilt with company this week and I have to thank everybody for the calls and visits, as I have said before it is making my weather waiting far more bearable. Salmon, asparagus and crispy baked potatoes with fresh lettuce for dinner (yum).

Enjoy your weekend and have fun with your fireworks. More adventures tomorrow, maybe a couple more GeoCaches to uncover! ( I blame Nat).

My smiles today:
Running in the cold rain
Trying to do a workout in the camper-van!
More GeoCaches located.
Trying to sit and just read! It never happened, I cleaned cupboards instead.
Daily visitors, thanks to you all.
Mother Nature and her continued wind torture!.

My thoughts today:
A year from now you will wish you had started today!

Goodnight from Red.

Ma Te Wa.


 Standing on top of a hill looking out over Ngarunui Beach.

 Standing on top of a hill looking out over Ngarunui Beach.