Day 376...A Peak Further North

Saturday 5 November 2016

This morning I had decided I have sat for long enough in one location. It has been helped by others visiting and having the Raglan Harbour to paddle in. Also, again, it was so lovely to have more company yesterday afternoon and until after lunch today.

Jase is always lots of entertainment, he can be talked into hiking, GeoCaching, eating at a local cafe, and also general repairs and maintenance on Cuzzie when he visits. On top of that he always tries to keep me rational and level headed. We have lots to chat about and the time goes so quickly. He brought us salmon for dinner last night; thanks so much.

This morning after breakfast I was determine to drag him along a very windy and rainy beach to look at the surfers and the harbour. As we depart the Raglan campsite we quickly stop as, just a few hundred metres further along, we join others to watch many small aeroplanes arrive and then some depart for what seemed like scenic flights out and over the coastline, and then back to land. A weekend away for these many little planes. We watched for a while as they roughly bumped or gently touched down in this large paddock; the gusting wind did not seem to help the landings. Nat would have loved this as she so wants to learn to fly.

We arrive at the surfers beach, a few surfers were already in the water and black clouds threatened to drench us at any moment as we headed off for our beach hike.At one point we did think seriously of ducking under a large tree further in the sand dunes, but as we climbed further towards shelter and Jase disappeared into the toi-toi that were well above head height, it became obvious to us both it was easier to get wet.

Dogs raced along the beach happy to be parted from their leads and their owners, a couple of horses trotted along as well and it was nice to see everyone out enjoying themselves. The wind at times was so cool and strong I thought I was going to get blown sideways and my ears ached. Many other times it has been worse but at times today it was tough going. But then the sun would shine and you would be sucked into thinking it was a nice summers day until the wind blasted you again. Did I wish I could surf? Yes, I looked and watched and actually today I did think about locating someone to give me lessons. Boogie boards just do not seem that they would fit in quite the same.

Both our stomachs began rumbling by now and off we went to a little cafe we had driven past a couple of times. Rock-it, a great choice and nice location. Ribs and a steak sandwich for Jase. Then a quick stop back in Raglan to sit in the sun with the locals for a little while and it was time to say "bye bye" as we both had things to do and places to go, well sort of. Me I had to get out onto the coastline as far up as Manukau Heads looking at checkpoints and beaches where and when I could. As for Jase, back into Auckland he was heading.

I had to smile and cringe at the same time today, I could faintly see the Sky Tower! (From the road way out on Manukau heads.) I did not make it out to the lighthouse as the gates were shutting at 5pm so I may well return tomorrow. I looked out at the water on a very windy, blustery day and then in at the harbour which also had white caps. I watched a smallish boat bounce along back towards the sheltered harbour bays and I loudly sighed. Maybe November is going to be my toughest month. The crazy spring weather has most certainly arrived; wind, rain and sunshine all in one day. To make matters worse I have scanned the weather forecast for the next possible day of paddling and can see nothing. I will just have to work on a tan! That or someone to taking me on surfing lessons.

As said on an earlier blog, this is as far north as I go and tomorrow I head back down into Port Waikato for a day or so, then back into Raglan during the early part of this week to paddle the harbour and locate some more GeoCaches! I have to also say congrats to Sandy Robinson for her EPIC paddling achievement; totally incredible.

My smiles today:
Mr "Angry" Duck returned!
Spring weather! Wind, rain and sun.
Many funny sights today.
Wonderful food with wonderful company.
Hamilton Gap; freedom camping.
Zero mobile or Internet coverage.

My thoughts today:
"Knowing others is intelligence.
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength.
Mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu (Thanks to Jase.)

Goodnight from Red, Cuzzie and Louise

Ma Te Wa.


Hamilton Gap.

Hamilton Gap.

Tall, tall grasses.

Tall, tall grasses.