Day 377...So Close to Home and Yet So Far

Sunday 6 November 2016

Calm and tranquil; no fireworks in my world last night. At this little location there are four other camper-vans with me tonight but, there is so much space in this freedom camping area that it feels like I’m totally solo. Hamilton Gap is down a dead-end road on a very windy, black West Coast.

This morning it was already windy with intermittent heavy rain. Between showers, I threw my doors wide open and, for a change, lay in my sleeping bag for longer than normal, reading my book and managing to concentrate on it for nearly one and a half hours. Then I braved a really cold campsite shower that certainly had the effect of waking me up!

Back on the road out to the lighthouse at Manukau Heads, I sat and stared at the Bar, studying it for a while from a sheltered seat in the sunshine. But an empty stomach and the urge to drive and have a closer look, encouraged me to head off to a few of the Manukau Heads and many different bays, none of which made me feel comfortable as I kept seeing the Sky Tower. As I was sitting eating lunch, I got a call from Nat to say “Hi, where are you?” and “Do you fancy a visitor?” That I did for sure, so we planned to meet back in Port Waikato. Off I drive to spend some time with Nat for the day and then to stay with friends in Port Waikato for the next day or two.

Here I am, walking among the sand dunes, listening to the Port Waikato waves, played against the background noise of kids having fun on the flying fox in a nearby playground and just generally enjoying the company of others. Freshly-made Raglan sausages for dinner. Time to talk about the coastline and the waves; also a bit of time in front of the TV watching Country Calendar and some programs about the ocean. All in all a wonderful weekend, largely thanks to so many friends.

My smiles today:
A really cold shower!
Discovering so many great bays I never knew existed.
So close to home, yet still so far.
Kids playing on a flying fox.
Watching Country Calendar.
The prospect of fishing and white-baiting in the next day or so.
Visiting friends.

My thoughts today:
Breathe in inspiration and trust yourself. The answer is “Yes, you can!”

Goodnight from Red and friends.

Ma Te Wa.


Light house at Manukau Heads.

Light house at Manukau Heads.

Manukau Heads ocean view.

Manukau Heads ocean view.