Day 378...The Wild West

Monday 7 November 2016

Wet on the West Coast overnight, also windy as the forecast predicted. I spent a few early hours reading until the sunshine arrived then after breakfast, even with the rain falling, Nat and I decided to go walking. With raincoats on, we headed out to explore Port Waikato and to go GeoCaching. In the first location, the cache had been removed, oops!

We continued walking to the next location and, gradually, the sunshine appeared. This next cache took us a while but was finally located and, smiling, we headed back for lunch. My hairdressing skills were then released on Nat’s hair for a little while. We also clambered about Mark and Anouchka’s converted bus, admiring how much room and space there is compared to Cuzzie. By now, a wild westerly was blowing but nevertheless, we decided on a walk on the beach before high tide with the family dog, Jade. Nat competed in some sprint races with Jade while, for once, I just wandered along frowning in frustration at the sea, at the foam and the breaking surf. Maybe one day soon it will change. Yeah right!!

While I wait, I keep counting the days, but have had to dig deep into the new patience I have learnt. At the moment, I’m okay with the wait! Nat has now headed back to the big city for work and I’m so happy to have spent time with her. Tomorrow, with the help of Mark, it’s time for some white-baiting and fishing, here’s hoping my luck will still be in.

My smiles today:
GeoCaching luck.
Nat benefiting from my erstwhile hairdressing skills.
A little bit of sunshine.
Wild West Coast weather.
Walking with a dog on the beach.

My thoughts today:
Appreciate where you are in your journey, even if it’s not where you really want to be.
Every season serves a purpose.

Goodnight from Red and friends. 

Ma Te Wa.


Port Waikato. Surf Club.

Port Waikato. Surf Club.

Come on kids! Lets go to the beach and play!

Come on kids! Lets go to the beach and play!