Day 414...Patience Is To Be Calm, No Matter What Happens

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Tuesday, freshly-baked brownie in the camper-van before 7am lifted the spirits for me, followed by an early hot drink, then we were on the road to the pools for the morning swimming session. It was a little cool and, well before the 9.00am shutdown, I was under the hot shower trying to warm up a rather chilled body. Then I was smiling as I used a new, home-made creation; fresh lavender and coconut scented oil. I thought it might be a natural remedy to soothe the stress in me!! These outdoor pools remind me of the many hours spent in Parnell Baths in Auckland; which I never, ever braved without a wetsuit to swim my lengths. I’m rather quick at chilling when in cool water!

We get back to the campsite, had our breakfast in the sunshine (making the most of the morning and the sheltered location we were in). We also utilised the campsite oven for a fresh batch of seeded crackers and gave Bianca some pink hair highlights (pink!!). Then it was time to get moving because the “caged tiger” needed to sit and look at the ocean. We filled up with diesel, filled up the fridge with food and hit the road towards the tip of this island. Once again, I went back to look at the meeting of the seas to try and understand the feelings in my stomach and try to make a blueprint in my mind of the ocean and how it looked.

On the way, we stopped for bags of avocados and apple cucumbers and the most delicious sweetcorn I have tasted so early in the season. The sun was shining and it was a hot, windy Northland day. Unfortunately, we ended up following a very slow car today, all the way to Cape Reinga. At times, we wondered if they would make it safely round all the twisting roads. Bianca was having a nightmarish time following directly behind them but, at last, we managed to pass and the rest of the road trip to the Cape was far less tense.

Once there, we walked to a high viewing platform. As I sat, I shuddered, feeling the goose bumps appear while watching the big West Coast swell roll in from as far as the eyes could see. Way out at Cape Maria van Diemen, and also as far out as even the binoculars could take our eyes to, all we could see were white caps through the gap. For a very long time, we looked westwards and then switched our eyes to the other side which was calm and beautiful by comparison. Everything seems so easy when you are sat in the shelter of the lighthouse with your back to the West Coast waves and swells. But, eventually, I had to turn back and look at what I still have to get past. We lie on the hillside, sheltered as the wind blows up and over us. My decision was becoming a little easier and, looking out to sea, I was reminded of my promise to myself; to enjoy every paddle day on this West Coast, to be patient and enjoy. It’s a skill I know I will be practicing until I take my very last breath.

Again the ugly subject of the weather returns. I’m still like a stuck record, forever on the same track. Apologies to all my support people who have to listen. In the end, we make a Plan A, a Plan B and a Plan C, and wait for the weather to update.
Plan A: if it stays the same then it's a no go tomorrow.
Plan B: if it gets even a tad worse then it's a no go tomorrow.
Plan C: if it gets a little better then it’s a possible paddle day!

As we sit on the top of the hill, listening to the sound of Bianca’s music, the camper-van is also filled with the delicious aroma of her famous chai tea creation. I have to thank Ev for the introduction to this wondrous brew. Here we sit and wait. At this rate, I’ll get back on the East Coast one day before Christmas. Maybe even on Christmas Day itself!

My smiles today:
Bianca’s pink highlights!
Homemade creations.
Sitting on the top of this island. Easier than my next paddle.
Feeling calmer than yesterday.

My thoughts today: 
"Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is to be calm - no matter what happens. Constantly take action to turn it to positive growth opportunities and have faith to believe that it will all work out in the end while you are waiting.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart (Thanks Franki!)

Until tomorrow, from Red and Pink (alias Lynn and Bianca). 

Ma Te Wa.


Sheltering from the wind.

Sheltering from the wind.

Cape Reinga today.

Cape Reinga today.