Day 416...A Better Day

Thursday 15 December 2016

Last night we were treated to a really stunning display; a majestic sunset over the West Coast and a magical full moon rising on the East Coast. It was truly very special to be at the tip of New Zealand last night. We spent a long time on the cold, windy cliffs taking images. As the sun set, the sky just got more and more colourful and then the calming, huge moon lit up the night sky and continued to glow all night.

A wonderful sleep for us both then, first thing this morning, a run to and from Cape Reinga, followed by a Redz NZ circuit workout to start of our day. With sweat dripping off us, we sat smiling at the satisfaction of having completed it all before the day got too hot. Then it was time for breakfast, with not a little banter as, due to yesterday’s unfortunate mishap, there were no eggs for us to cook. I’m now onto my next challenge, to eat all the sponsored cans of tuna, even for breakfast! But, if they happen to fall on the floor, at least these tins won’t smash! I’m not sure I’m going to be able to recommend tuna as my number one breakfast option but the challenge is on!! The other day, I read about someone who has been eating only potatoes for an entire year, so a few weeks of canned tuna shouldn’t be too difficult!

We headed off for a hike down the hill and along Te Wehari Beach towards Cape Maria Van Deimen. Of course, it wasn’t at all straightforward. Before we got to the beach, we had to do rather a long detour, hiking up a bush-covered hill as the tide was still too high to walk over the rocks. There was a sort of track, probably used by wild pigs but not too many humans! We had to clamber up and over the hill and then clamber down the other side. Bianca commented that she was certainly not intending to return the same way! Back onto the soft sand we walked, looking at the ocean and the gap between Cape Maria van Diemen through which I am hoping to gap it. The ocean in this bay was really annoying as it wasn’t at all as the forecast had predicted. Thank goodness I didn’t walk along it yesterday on my "what if" day! I did cuss and I did question it, and then at last, I was able to let it go!!

We enjoyed the rest of the walk to the end of the beach and paddled in the small stream, cooling off our hot, sandy feet. I entertained myself for a short while, chasing small crabs and, then, we both looked at another high hill and some big sand dunes. But, having checked the time, today we were not tempted to go any further, content instead to turn and walk back. By now, the tide had thankfully retreated far enough for us to walk over the rocks and even if it hadn’t been I would have waded waist deep in the ocean rather than having to return and bush walk up that blooming hill! At any rate, there was more than enough uphill for us. Bianca counted 185 uphill steps from the beach back to the Cape Reinga track. By a stroke of good fortune, halfway up the climb, Bianca came across a familiar, friendly face on the track: a fellow tourist she had met a couple of weeks earlier, so we had the perfect excuse to stop, catch our breath and chat for a while. Then we were off again this time at a faster pace as we hit the main pathway on which we had run earlier. But now it was crowded with numerous tourists, all heading to see the meeting of the two seas. What had started out as a tranquil early morning location was now more like Piccadilly Circus! I hate to think what it must be like during peak holiday season, “utterly dreadful” is the first thought that springs to mind!

We picked up the pace even more and quickly got back to Cuzzie. We enjoyed an amazing lunch and, while munching away, we are joined by the young guys we had met on the track earlier, so we sat and chatted some more. They ate their peanut butter and jam sandwiches, as well as eating some of our famous brownie. We both tried to help them with the car issues they are having. It’s a real shame as they have only owned the car for five days, the best description of it being that they have been sold a $3k "lemon". We also talked about where to visit as they head back down the North Island, hopefully to get their money back from the car dealer in order to buy a cheaper, more reliable model!

Time has again raced past today and we still have the dreaded washing to get done, so down the hill to windy but sunny Tapotupotu Bay we go. Clothes washed and hanging out to be blown dry. We have a really cold swim, then head for the fresh, cold water showers, dodging mosquitos en route, then retreating to the sanctuary of Cuzzie with her improvised mosquito net. On a side note, I reckon it may take me a long time to readjust to the shower in my bathroom at home after so many months of quick, cold, outdoor ones! As our washing struggles to stay pegged to the clothesline, we sit and enjoy chai tea and our homemade healthy truffles. Another yummy creation made of avocado and chocolate, totally delicious, so much so, in fact, that we actually have to restrict each other from scoffing the entire batch!! We may decide to be nice and share the recipe.

The storm seems to be blowing our way. It took a little longer than expected to arrive this morning, but the winds did arrive ahead of it and that was a blessing because it blew the “What ifs” away! We grab our washing before it gets blown away and head back up the dusty hill to our vantage point, to sit and wait for another sunset at the end of a better day.

My smiles today:
Circuit training in the car park.
Off the trail hill-hiking!
Enjoying being in the great outdoors.
Chocolate avocado truffles. Yum!
The Cape is a very special place.

My thoughts today:
Go outside and relax. The world we live in is indeed a beautiful place, at least in this neck of the woods.

Until tomorrow, goodnight from Red and Bianca. 

Ma Te Wa.


Our day.

Our day.

My night.

My night.