Day 418...The Waves Are Huge

Saturday 17 December 2016

I got up before the sun today, determined to check out my launching beach. A calm still day had been forecast, so then why not paddle? Yes, a high is hanging over my part of the world, how brilliant is that!? The issue was the forecasted 3m swells. Really? Honestly? It can not be right!

At 5.30am we are on the road driving to the Bluff on Ninety Mile Beach to check it out. To actually dare to think I may just be able to glide out and over these waves. The forecast could be wrong! Oh well, what a nice thought at least. The forecast was of course right. How big do the 3m swells look when they hit the beach! Bone crushingly large! They where big thick waves. Five sets just waiting to have fun with anyone that dared to try and join them. Not even I felt the urge to "gap it".

As it was low tide we walked out onto the island that juts out and sat looking at the waves, the foam and the sea spray. I had to take a video of the scene in front of me as it was unreal to be stuck here with a beautiful day and a crazy ocean. It felt a little like Charleston/Nike river beach in the South Island. We turn back towards Cuzzie, sad but pleased to have physically come to the beach and seen the conditions first hand. Then I would not continue to have a "what if" day!

The rest of my day has been a chill out day. Shopping, back down to Ahipara to hook up to power, get a few things sorted and oiled on Cuzzie, and then find a sheltered sunny patch on the campsite lawn and work on chillaxing! We chatted to a couple of local people we have got to know during our stay in this area and I had a wonderful afternoon in the sun. We also sat and chatted to Tina (a lovely German tourist) and helped her with some tour guiding info for some other fab spots around this amazing country of ours. It has been a day of amazing Northland sunshine and friendly smiling people. Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

We did also hear a very tragic story today of a young tourist who drowned on 90 Mile Beach a couple of days ago. This was hard to listen to and a reminder how unkind this ocean can quickly be.

We got a batch of seeded biscuits made and in the oven, but left them a tad to long to cook so they are rather brown and very crispy. Only I think they are edible! Another batch will need to be made tomorrow for Bianca.

But I do have a few success stories from today. There is stuff only half working on Cuzzie that has been quietly annoying me that I have managed to solve. I managed to sort out the very squeaky sliding door, covered in far to much dirt and dust to work properly. I ended up with grease and dirt up to my elbows cleaning the rollers and sliders. Then onto a sliding window that we have never been able to open the entire trip. With a heap of silicone it is now unstuck and sliding beautifully. I am impressed with my Tim-the-tool-girl skills!

Bianca went for a run on the beach, while I just enjoyed the last of the sunshine. I wandered down to meet her for a swim and, as it was low tide, the normal scenario was happening on the beach! Cars were getting stuck in the soft sand as I sat totally entertained. I just watched, the sand digging, the other car that arrived to tow them out and then the rope breaks and they are both stuck! I was just very thankful it was not us stuck in the sand in Cuzzie. We both looked at the ocean and today shook our heads. We were not even tempted to get wet and cold! Tomorrow, I promised myself after my morning run.

Tonight there is no wind and the sea swell has dropped a little more. 2.5m tomorrow, another clear blue sky and another day off the water! Looking like Father Christmas will beat me home.

Until tomorrow, from a very calm and peaceful Ahipara. Looks like it may be my summer holiday location!

My smiles today:
Our early morning drive to the Bluff
Huge bags of Avocados for $2
Enjoying the locals' company.
Watching the car antics on the beach.
Listening to the birds and the ocean go to sleep.
The huge rolling ocean.
Just the entire day has been at last a smiling day.

My thoughts today:
We can truly accomplish anything if we use our time wisely. Focus on what truly matters and life will have a way to be that much brighter and fulfilling.

Goodnight from Red and Bianca.

Ma Te Wa.


The Bluff. 90 Mile Beach.

The Bluff. 90 Mile Beach.