Day 419...Only One Week Until Christmas

Sunday 18 December 2016

I was up and out onto the beach early this morning, though not as early as some. I watch the locals heading along the expansive, low tide beachfront and then the routine exercising begins. Once the beach sprints are done, it’s back to Cuzzie and a small boot camp for Bianca and myself begins. We are tucked away in the corner of our site, so not too many people have to watch us. 

A late but satisfying breakfast during which we are joined by a family of pretty cute little sparrows and then it is just another very chilly day. The campsite is so very quiet. Considering there’s only one week to Christmas Day, it’s really quite surprising! The wind has picked up and, as it blows through the big trees, it seems disturbingly stronger than what was forecast. This makes me frown a little, as the seas are meant to be calming but, with this strong wind, I can’t imagine that they could possibly have done so. I’m just hoping that this is all blowing through earlier than predicted and that, tomorrow, I can possibly escape. Anyway, enough about me and the weather, I’m every bit as confused as it is at present.

We have made more seeded crackers and I’m hoping that we get a successful batch. It took three trips to the camp kitchen even to gain access to the oven! "Kitchen closed for cleaning" at 1pm. Really, that is lunchtime! Well, while I’m having fun and games trying to get into the kitchen, Bianca has come across similar issues with the shower block! We both just had to sit and wait, have some patience, take a chill pill and just settle petal!

Sunday glides along and we seem to be just in the mood to glide along with it. Not stressing but rather, just relaxing and waiting, relishing the fact that, for a second year running, I’m missing the craziness of the pre-Christmas rush; no big gatherings, no festive work functions, no need for a hangover cure and no need to wish for a second fridge for all the extra food we have had to buy! With a little bit of luck, come the day itself, I may even be on the water paddling. 

This afternoon, we headed back up the coast to watch the ocean, to feel the wind and see if the swell will have dropped enough for tomorrow morning. But small swell, bigger head winds and vice versa, big swell and lighter winds! Oh, please can I have that magical wand for Christmas? Well, somehow the day has slipped by. The sun is heading towards the ocean and a stunning sunset is hoped for. Bianca has gone for the all-over pink hair colour now and, by comparison, I look a tad dull!

My smiles today:
A lazy sunny Sunday afternoon.
The wind has dropped a tad.
More and more flowering pohutukawas on a daily basis.
To my next paddle day.
As I head that way, the irony of approaching bad East Coast stormy weather.

My thoughts today:
Go outside and get some sunshine!

Remembering that, this time next week, most of us will feel exhausted, full of Christmas food and watching Christmas TV programmes, we say “goodnight” to all. Red and Bianca (now Miss Pink).

Ma Te Wa.


My heart loves these West Coast sunsets.

My heart loves these West Coast sunsets.