DAY 107...Airports and Planning

Oops, who was meant to set the alarm?  Me or Jase?  That is still a mystery, I think it was the support crews job, lucky I have an inbuilt alarm system and woke up early before departure time.  It was brekkie on the run as today we left Invercargill at 6am, it was crew change out day and we had lots of driving to do.  Off we went to Dunedin airport for Jason to catch a morning flight and then for me to await Nats arrival at midday.  I was glad it was windy as I was able to go for the trip, otherwise I would have paddled and then waited for the support crews return late afternoon on the beach.  Jase headed back with a list of goods to send from my garage supplies and then I returned to the campervan.

While sitting in Cuzzie, my home for the past 100 plus days, I reflected on the past weeks and then I got out the maps and started looking at the upcoming sections, the possible pull in beach locations and distances between huts and possible camping sites.  I looked at the fickle upcoming weather reports and studied, trying to absorb as much as possible.  The time goes quickly as I send out emails and call contacts along the coast for information and to just get local knowledge, it is all sitting a little clearer today as I pour over the maps I have.

Soon it was time to grab Nat and then we drove back to Invercargill stopping along the way for some lunch.  While stopped who came wandering across the road but our friend from Christchurch, Gerrard!  Always a pleasure to see you and we are fairly obvious I do believe, Cuzzie with her kayaks on top is easy to locate.  Nice to see you Gerrard, big thanks to you and Corporate Cabs, this country is vey small.

Back into Invercargill we at last arrive, it has been a long day sitting and travelling.  Some things are coming together and some still have a way to go, let's just see what tomorrow brings, but not a bad day.

My smiles today:
Preparing for this new adventure, it surely is a new level of solo, new level of tests.
Seeing Coast to Coast racers on the road today on their way to get ready for a massive challenge, I so relate to them.  Good luck to Brad Stoddard, sending you all the best.
Being located by ex Auckland people who I worked alongside, really cool to chat and catchup, Tania thanks for the call and info.
Still being totally happy in my kayaking gypsy life!  Even after this many days.

My thoughts today:
 The bigger the goal, the stronger the person you must become to achieve that goal, so goal achieving is superb practice for character building.

Tomorrow is a new day so till then,
Red, Nat, Cuzzie

I saved this one for a rainy day.  Taken by Red somewhere between Christchurch and Dunedin.

I saved this one for a rainy day.  Taken by Red somewhere between Christchurch and Dunedin.