DAY 108...Invercargill and Bluff

We stayed in the Invercargill Central Campsite again last night, Nat made instant friends with the kids over the fence on their tree house platform.  They chatted to us for ages as we got dinner ready and we played pass the rugby ball over the fence and up into the tree house.  They loved Nat, she was their new best friend, they said come for a hungi meal tomorrow night, yum, maybe one day I will take up this offer, last night we had steak.  We headed inside as there was a cold wind and settled inside Cuzzie for the night.  We talked plans for tomorrow and then headed to bed, both tired from a long day of travelling.

Today has been a good catch up day, it would have been an okay paddle day as well, but we had things to get done.  We met Jason Holland from Adventure Southland and his team out at his offices.  What a way cool place and team, thanks for all of your knowledge and information.   Amy made some calls for us and we had a list of places and people to meet, we got out our maps and Jason talked us through some of the good and not so great landings he knew of along some of the nearest coastlines.  Invaluable info and I have to thank them all so much for spending a lot of their morning with us.  All the best with everything you have to organise for next week and the large groups you have out on adventures, I will be thinking of you.

Next we headed off to look after Cuzzies needs, she was due for her 10,000km service and we headed into Autoplex.  They were so very helpful and due to the height of Cuzzie we had to unload T2 and Louise to get Cuzzie into the workshop bay.  We then headed into town on foot to get small jobs done and then grab some lunch.  Back I headed to The Batch Cafe and we were both really impressed, our food was extremely yummy (so many GF options!) and we sat in the sun while writing notes and enjoying the hot sunshine.  After that we headed soon to wander the streets, Nat found a couple of second hand clothing stores so we wandered in there for some browsing, making me more convinced than ever there is no need to ever buy new again!

Back to collect Cuzzie and we asked the team at Autoplex to check the campervan's internal battery as it was not holding or charging well from the solar panel.  As suspected it needed replacing and they raced off to get that sorted for us as well.  Fab service and three hours later all done and dusted, Cuzzie had been looked after and we were all smiling.  Thanks guys for the discounts, really appreciated, we loved your great friendly service.

Next stop was off out to Bluff to chat with Meri and to get all of her local knowledge about this coastlines weather and hook up with her so I can keep her in the loop on my day to day journey while in her area.  As I arrived Kristine and John (my paddling friends) were also there for the same reasons, local info and updates.  It was great to share stories and great to see them both, I know we will be in and out of many of the same bays for the next few weeks for sure.

Two hours of Mari's time and I was full of info, both Mari and I laughed when I asked her where her crystal ball was, as that would make my life decisions far easier.  We headed off and promised I would be in touch, she is one amazing lady.  I had a note book loaded with details and contacts and promised to call them all.  THANK YOU MARI!  From the bottom of my heart, so cool to have met you.

At Bluff campsite for the night, powered up and tucked inside.  The rain has arrived and it has been pouring down, tomorrow in my world it is D day and it will be onwards and solo really soon.

My smiles today:  
The truly amazingly and genuinely helpful totally friendly people.
Breakfast of champions, coconut yogurt, homemade healthy chocolate brownie and honeycomb honey.
The second hand clothing store, I am an addict now.  My spend, $24, Nat, $0.
My urge to get moving again, that makes me smile.


My thoughts today:
I am inspired by people who show that we can be kind, brave, generous, beautiful, strong - even in the most difficult circumstances.


Under the umbrella

Under the umbrella

Op shop hats

Op shop hats