DAY 160...Winter is Coming

Sunday 3rd April

Daylight savings has ended and it is official, winter is coming.  I am still in Fiordland and still waiting on a weather window.  Today is worse than yesterday, overnight there were wind gusts in Milford of over 80 knots.  Even this big catamaran was turning on her mooring.  I am not really sure where the winds and rain are coming from as they just swirled and bounced of the massive towering mountains all around us.  I lay and silently prayed that T2 and my tent were all okay back up the coast,  I was a little concerned with the time I have been away from them, it seems ages.

3, 4, 5, and eventually at 6am I started wriggling.  It took forever today as the clocks had turned back one hour.  Daylight was 7am and Tim was up making coffee.  Marnix, the Crowe family and I sat and talked for a while.  SOon after breakfast I headed over to Milford Sound Helicopters to see if there was a chance to squeeze on a chopper and be dropped back in Bligh Sound in time for a Tuesday morning paddle.  It was crazy busy as the weather had just started to clear and hunters were being taken out to their balloted hunting blocks for the next period.  Gear was being flown back and forth for the Alien movie set and there was no space for me on any of the flights.  A generous offer has been made for me to get back up there tomorrow so I am deep in thought on it at present, to share the cost with Marnix back up to Bligh.

This afternoon the sun has been out, the wind is blowing again.  I am feeling the need to get away and out of Milford, this section is so close to being complete, but MN is in control of it really.  It is the patience issue again.  Today while it was raining heavily the cliffs and ranges around us became littered with waterfalls, the river was flooded and we were told this was only a small amount of rain!  How crazy this place must be once the winter is upon us, cascading water features everywhere.

Many things seemed to have happened in the past few days, as they have ticked by it is now very obvious to me I am not going to be back at my office and desk that I have held for the last eight years.  The company, V3, had for the past 6 months totally supported and helped me with my dream.  My resignation was offered and accepted.  Now who knows, but I have a job to complete which I started on the 27th of October.  Once it is done then lets see.  I am a tad sad but it felt right.  No one in a business environment can wait much longer than six months.  Good luck and respect to all at V3.

Marnix and the Crowe family has spent the afternoon tripping about.  I opted to stay aboard Honey and chill, or maybe actually ponder.  A little frustration has set in this afternoon at my continued slow progress, swirling in circles in Milford Sound.  Waiting is playing havoc with me and my focus, being warm, dry and comfy I feel distracted from my main NZ mission.  As I have said time and time again on this journey, everything happens for a reason, just today I am not sure why.

Yes it is magnificent beyond belief but frustrating is building,

My smiles today:
The majestic steep mountains covered in waterfalls.
The wonderful friendly people of Milford.
Being warm, dry and surrounded by new friends with amazing adventures.

My thoughts today:
Patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.  Mother Nature teaches us all of this and more.


Water cascading off the mountains

Water cascading off the mountains