DAY 161...Ups and downs. Go, No, Go, Go

Monday 4th April

Amazingly last night I had a plan in place, have I not learnt that when you plan things turn to custard.  After an amazing dinner last night of crispy roast potatoes and venison steaks, accompanied by brilliant conversation we got everything ready for the morning and hit the bed.

In the morning coffee, up early, pancakes, crispy cornflour shredded coconut spices and lashes of honey.  Myself and Marnix headed into the helicopter terminal to get a flight booked and back to Honey.  They were getting ready to depart as well because the weather window for them was looking good.  On the way back to Honey we were offered the option of heading back to Bligh by  a small craft, wow, yep lets give that a crack, save money.  Small boat let's go.  We grabbed a lift to the mouth of Milford Sound, Anita Bay.  The Crowe family said their goodbyes.  We ventured out onto the ocean and headed south.  

Well, we did try for fifteen minutes, there was a 4m swell and a 15 knot sou-westerly wind, ah no.  Not worth the risk, we turned.  Colourful words were expressed on the way back in.  Marnix went diving for cray and kina, success, so at least we had dinner.  I was still tense and undecided.  Do I suffer and pay the full $1000 for my chopper ride, or miss my paddling day tomorrow and wait for my crayboat ride on Wednesday?  What to do?  I mesaged the support team, the response from Jase was colourful, and Nat just said its my decision.

Then, an amazing message back from Jase (personal trainer is his profession) and a long time client of his offered to pay for my chopper flight.  I firstly said thanks, but no I can't accept.  Then with more thought I humbly said, yes, thank you Joe.  With speed we set off back to the wharf and called Milford Sound Helicopters.  After having lunch of fresh kina with lemon juice, Marnix dropped me at the depot, on the way I ate some of his venison jerky he had made.

And then I was whizzing my way towards Bligh sound by air!  What an epic trip, we skimmed along and over the mountain sides and the ocean.  Really soon T2 and my tent were located, still erect, safe and sound.  I jumped out, was handed a freshly cooked cray for my diner, some more venison jerky and was soon back on my beach, alone.  It felt great, it is a pretty awesome spot.  Everythig was as I had left it, the storms, the rain and the winds had not hurt my tent or T2.  This red headed girl grylls was one happy lady!

The sun has just set, it is calm.  I have a huge fire blazing and there is a stag roaring close by.  I sit by my fire waiting now for the sandflies to go to sleep, I look up at the stars in the clear night sky.  It is a perfect night, one I am going to remember.  This place is one I want to return to, moss covered rocks, a beautiful stream, protected and clam.  Heaps of firewood, lots of crayfish and tranquil Sounds to explore.  Joe on my return you are invited, I owe you and will repay you, you would like Bligh Sound, bring your gun, there are plenty of stags about.

I am excited to paddle tomorrow and even if that changes I am excited to be back in my world.  The past four days I have been amongst new people, great people, I have experienced and learnt every waking moment from them.  Also, as I say, everything happens for a reason, just sometimes I am not sure why until later.  It is dark at 7.30pm, it is a very special night, I can just feel it.  I am smiling and happy from the inside out,

My smiles today:
Crazy undecided day, calm at last.
Crowe family, Marnix and all of the cool Milford people I have met.
Bligh Sounds, you have restored calm in me.
The beautiful ocean and land has fed me again.

My thoughts today:
In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.

Marnix and the Crowe family

Marnix and the Crowe family

Sunset back at Bligh Sound

Sunset back at Bligh Sound