DAY 132...Green Islets Second Day

Sunday 6th March

Last night before I went to sleep I could hear the engines of a cray boat nearby, all I could see was the bright light on board the craft as they worked the other side of the cliff with the big opening.  I felt kind of safe as I am sure they were checking my location but, who knows.  I tucked myself into bed and slept, no rain later on in the evening thank goodness for that.

T2 was catching water for me but she was now looking a little like a bath tub!  I got up and my first job was to find the sun and put out my solar charger, if I did anything today it was to get everything fully charged and a fire going.

Most of yesterday I spent in the tent due to all the rain so covered in insect repellent out I went.  Solar panel going I went off to collect firewood, it was mostly damp so it was rather a mission to get a fire going but at last I did and the smoke and the heat kept the sandflies at bay, I sat close while I cooked my breakfast.  Then I made a hot coffee!  It was extremely satisfying.  I went on a big mission to locate lots of firewood with my large white carry bag.  I had a great time and I was happy the fire was going.  I piled it high with wood and went for a walk to the massive rock wall with the hole.  It was amazing, awesome and huge, Cathedral Cove does not seem so incredible anymore.  Back to the campsite with more firewood, I restocked the fire and ventured past the rock face to another beach.  I wandered in and out of rock pools always hopeful of something exciting, but today nothing.  I even ventured out to my lucky Paua spot from yesterday, but nothing.

Most of my day was about fires and walking, in fact I did not spend any time in my tent today until after dinner when it started to rain.  I knew it was coming as the sandflies seem to go insane just before it starts and even the fire was not keeping them at bay.  In I climbed, sand and stones everywhere so I had a tidy up, killed a few sandflies and then got about my weather updates.

The forecast was not great, swell is way past my limits, ah, what to do!  I tell myself to be patient, no point hating it, just wait, it will calm again, one day.  The torch is out so I can finish my blog, the rain is gently falling and it is time for bed.  All I want is a couple of calm days, but I must be sounding like a stuck record!

My smiles today:
Seeing the fishing boats today.
Watching the sea, the waves and the swell.
My massive beach balks to forage, Girl Grylls unsuccessful today.
Dropping my cooked steak in the sand and having to rinse it before eating.  I had to laugh, what an idiot!

My thoughts today:
Should I stay or should I go?  If I have inner doubts, STAY!  Listen to your insides.